Friday, February 14, 2014

King Of The House

Sitting on his throne, just needing a little crown to complete the haughty you are beneath me look on his face.

Buddy was lounging on the couch and since I never post anybody's picture other than Mimi's, I figured it was someone else's turn.

Now leave me alone, peasant!

We went to a matinee the other day, actually just going as far as our couch for an afternoon movie. Captain Philips wasn't really on my must see list, but Keith picked it out and for once he got a good one! Very well acted and really kept my attention even though we all know the outcome from having seen the whole thing play out on the news a few years ago. Excellent movie if you were thinking of watching it.

I picked up The Butler yesterday and watched it last night. It was okay, but just really not all that good in my opinion. Oprah did do a good job with her role, but none of the rest of the cast really got to me, it was almost as if they were playing a caricature rather than a character, and none of the people chosen to play the presidents were very convincing even if their parts were rather small. I did get rather bored with the whole thing, sorry Oprah!

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lynney62 said...

Love the pic of Buddy...he has such beautiful, unusual markings...he looks just like a miniature tiger! :)