Saturday, February 15, 2014

We Are Siamese If You Please

I never liked siamese cats after seeing whatever Disney movie it was that had the mean nasty hissing siamese cats in it. Was it the same movie with Cruella De Ville, who scared the crap out of me as a child? If you think about it, most Disney movies are very scary for small children and give them nightmares!

Anyway, I never cared much for them until we inherited Genie from Keith's mom. She is a nice siamese even though she is kind of a pain in the you know what with all of her vomiting up her food when she eats too fast and her aversion to being picked up or held on your lap. You go outside to try and pet her and she won't hold still but rather skitters about by your legs, only allowing you to pet her if she is already laying down somewhere, and then only for a second or two. I do feel bad that she is all by herself in the back yard, but she is afraid of all the indoor cats and hisses at them, and when she lived in the house with Keith's mom she had a bad habit of not using the litter box, instead pooping behind the couch. So, we didn't really want her in the house anyway. But, she is a pretty siamese and has softened my view of them quite a bit. I wonder how many other children dislike siamese cats because of Disney?

I found some little plaster siamese on Etsy the other day at a nice price (cheap!) and being sold by a nice retired couple up in Los Gatos. So, I ordered them and am glad I did splurge a little, they are very cute.

Now, I know most of the country is being smothered in snow, but here in Bakersfield it is Spring already. The trees that were blooming a few weeks ago are already dropping their blossoms, making it look a little bit like it is snowing when there is a breeze. I didn't get any pictures of the trees, which line our main street outside the neighborhood and are very popular in lots of store parking lots here.

I did notice that our backyard trees are starting to bloom, the lavender colored flowers on the non-flowering plum (that makes sense, right?) and the white flowers on the regular plum tree that Keith hates when it comes time to clean up all the fallen plums later in the year. The blossoms are pretty, though!

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