Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stupid People and Cat Poo

I deal with cat poo on a daily, actually twice and sometimes thrice daily matter. Morning and evening is the scooping of it out of cat boxes, and sometimes there is a stray poo ball on the carpet. From Pepper's nasty butt. She has issues with being a little constipated most of the time and she gets freaked out when it doesn't all come out like it should and jumps out of the cat box and runs around the house, sometimes dropping a little present here and there.

Last night I should have known that something was up after Pepper came racing out of my room after having used the cat box in there but I was tired and ready for bed and didn't look around for any bombs on the floor, since the cat box is on the opposite side of the room from the side of the bed that I climb into. I'm kind of surprised that I didn't find it earlier, since I did go into the cat box side of the room to open up the window a bit for some fresh overnight air. I did find the cat poo bombs when I got out of bed early early in the morning to go shut the window since it was getting a little chilly in my bed and yes, you guessed it, stepped right onto a ball of Pepper poo. UGH! So, at whatever time it was I'm hobbling to the bathroom on the heel of my foot hoping not to smear poo on the floor, grab a wet washcloth to scrub my foot with, and here is the poo ball STUCK TO MY FOOT. ICK AND DOUBLE NASTY! After scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing my foot, I grabbed toilet paper to pick up the poo and then went back in the bedroom to look for more, which of course I found, flushed all that mess down the toilet and then tried to go back to bed not totally grossed out or anything.

Lesson learned, check the floor all around the bed before retiring each night.


And, stupid people. I have come to the conclusion that a large majority of human beings just aren't all that bright. Plus, they are mean and petty and violent, but that's a topic for another day. I had bought some hand lotion a while back, lotion that is fruit scented and has pictures of the fruit on the label. I have one bottle in the bathroom and one in the kitchen and use it quite frequently, but have never noticed the caution on the back of the bottle until the other day. And then I just went DUH.

This is not food. Do not eat.

Obviously someone must have mistaken their hand lotion for fruit and ate it and got sick and sued the hand lotion manufacturer and now they have to put this warning on their bottles so that stupid people won't eat the hand lotion.

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