Thursday, July 2, 2015

Getting Up Early

I think I just found a cure for my it's too hot to do anything summertime laziness. Summertime laziness is a little different than my any other time of the year laziness in that I don't feel like doing anything that might make me sweat, which is anything more than getting out of bed when it's stinking hot outside.

Keith woke me up at 5:30 so that I could take him to work and have the car for things that I need to do, such as my doctor's appointment tomorrow morning to have a cyst on my face removed. I've had it for a couple of years now and since I'm old and not so vain these days, I've just kind of ignored it as it kept getting bigger and bigger. It has bothered me but not enough to actually go have someone stick a needle full of novocain into my face and then cut the thing open and remove it until now. Long story short I need a car to get to the doctor's office to get my face cut open.

So, this morning I drop him off at 6:15 to catch his ride to go dogcatch a train that's been sitting on the mountain for probably half the night and as I'm pulling into the driveway back home again I look at our mostly dead lawn and decide that since it's not too hot yet I will get at the weed whacking that has needed doing for a few weeks now. It's not a lot of weed whacking, the only part of our yard that gets any water is around the edges from our neighbor's sprinklers and by the flower boxes that do get watered on a semi regular basis. Plus, half of the flowers in the flower boxes are dead and need to be pulled out.

And now it is 8:00 and the weed whacking and sweeping up part of it is done and I'm covered in sweat but actually have enough energy left to go tend to the flower beds.

I'm thinking maybe I should get up at 5:30 every day. But I probably won't.

The day before yesterday it actually rained some overnight, and I guess Millie didn't want to go outside to do her business because in between feeding all the cats and walking back to the bathroom here she is sitting in the hallway next to a big poop with a rather odd look on her face. And then I see a big wet spot on the bathroom rug. Why she didn't poo and pee in the same spot I don't know, maybe it offended her sensibilities and dogs don't poo where they pee. Or something like that.

Then this morning I go to feed Genie and she left a big poop on her blanket in her basket, and that blanket just went into the garbage because no I don't want to wash poo off of your blanket considering I just had to wash  your cat bed yesterday because of the same sort of issue. Then I see a big wet spot RIGHT NEXT to her cat box that sits on a table on the patio. She peed right on the table instead of in her box. Why is her cat box on a table? Because since the dog and all the cats go outside through the doggy door she is deathly afraid to get down on the ground most of the time and so sleeps and eats on top of some card tables and the patio table. The whole arrangement is kind of a pain in the ass but since the cats got used to going outside it's kind of hard to keep them in.

It's just two of them that really bother Genie, Buddy and Mimi kind of gang up on her and chase her and have gotten into a few scrapes with her, so she steers clear of them. They are just a couple of schoolyard bullies.

Okay, back to my yard work before it gets too hot.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Vet Visit For Buddy

I'm getting kind of bored with blogging so if I don't post much in the months to come, that is why. Also there is just not all that much to blog about since we lead such oh so exciting lives.

Last Friday Buddy was eating some dry food and started growling and backing away from the food and doing weird things with his mouth like something was hurting him. After the ordeal with Lucy having to get a bunch of teeth pulled last year when I discovered her with a big swollen lump on her face on the weekend of course, we thought it might be best to get Buddy into the vet just in case he had a bad tooth.

His teeth looked okay and the vet didn't think there was anything wrong there, but did find that he had a bad case of fleas, the cheaper version of frontline that we had gotten at Walmart obviously not working. The vet wanted to do a complete workup on Buddy, blood tests and x-rays for arthritis and a whole bunch of other extremely expensive stuff, all to the tune of about $600.00. Then she wanted  us to bring him back for a dental cleaning, another $500.00 or so. Um, no.

They did give him an oral flea med that should have killed all the fleas for a few days and also worm meds and we got the very best topical flea stuff from them for a little over $200.00 for the visit and meds. In all we were there for over 2 hours, what they were doing while we were stuck in a hot little exam room for so long I don't know.

I haven't put the good flea stuff on Buddy yet, they said to wait for about 5 days since I had just given him the cheap stuff a few weeks ago. I'm going to get the good stuff for all the other cats too.

I had to keep everyone inside for a few days, Keith sprayed the yard and flower beds with bug killer in hopes of keeping the fleas and other pests down and until I could get out there and weed whack what little grass (weeds) that we have in the back yard the cats had to stay in. They like to eat grass and we didn't want them eating bug killer soaked grass.

I was calculating it all up if we took all the cats in for dental cleanings and nope, don't think that's something that we can afford  at the moment.

It is definitely full on summer now, something that comes every year and something that I complain about every year because I do not like being hot and sweaty. We've already had 10 days of over 100 degrees with I'm sure a lot more to come over the next 3 months or so. Summer here doesn't end until about October.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Keith's Birthday and The Toy Destructor

Yesterday was Keith's birthday. He is now 57 for those of you counting. He had worked all night and gotten home late in the morning after stopping for a few birthday beers. He didn't see the birthday present that one of the cats left for him on the floor because I picked it up and flushed it long before he got home. Yes, a birthday cat poo, how exciting!

We went to a birthday dinner, at first thinking about going to Hungry Hunter for an expensive steak, but then he decided we would try Frugatti's, an Italian restaurant that we've passed by many many times but have never stopped in. We had heard it was expensive and yes it was.

The decor and ambiance was really nice, a patio out front with a big fountain and bistro type tables under a canopy and then inside was decorated with old family type photos and vintage crate labels. Even some laundry hanging on a line. Sounds weird but it was cute.

The menu wasn't so cute, and yes, very very expensive.

I ordered chicken parmesan which came with garlic mashed potatoes and stuffed mushrooms, then your choice of soup or salad. I asked them to hold the mushrooms since gag. Keith got lasagne. There was bread brought to the table and an attentive waitress. The food was good except for the way too garlicky potatoes and there was a lot of it. A huge portion of lasagne and two chicken breasts. We brought one chicken breast and half of the lasagne home. We also got two pieces of carrot cake to take home and we drank iced tea with our dinner. The dinners were $16.95 and $19.95 and the carrot cake was $6.59 each for a grand total of $65.00 plus tip and while the food was good, way too overpriced in our cheap minds. So, I don't think we'll be eating there again.

Millie the Toy Destructor was at it again this morning. When it gets really quiet I know she is either sleeping or digging away at one of her toys in an effort to get all of the stuffing and the squeaky part out. She doesn't realize that if she takes the squeaky part out, no more fun of chewing on her toy just right to get it to squeak squeak squeak repeatedly. This was a blue elephant toy.

I found a picture of Mimi and Bear doing what they do best. Sleeping all cuddled up.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Too Boring to Blog

I really haven't felt much like blogging lately, mostly because there is not a whole heck of a lot going on to blog about. But, I will make an attempt if only to let everyone know we are still alive.

When Keith isn't working he is usually sleeping. It's been hot hot hot here so when the cats aren't eating or pooping they are usually sleeping. The dog still wants to play in the morning and evening but spends her afternoons sleeping. The cats are loving being able to go outside whenever they want and spend the time that they aren't sleeping laying about in the yard. Except during the hot part of the day, they all come inside then because while they have small brains they aren't entirely stupid and know that the air conditioned house is nice and cool.

We did have some wonderful and exciting rain last week or whenever it was, we had been promised a storm coming up from Mexico but the first day of the promised rain was kind of a bust with just a few sprinkles and the second day of the promised rain was dry and sunny, but by late afternoon on the second day the sky started getting cloudy and the wind started blowing and damn, did it ever rain for about 30 minutes! It rained hard enough to fill the gutters in the street within minutes and there was even some thunder and lightning involved. I opened up the doors and windows so I could enjoy the rain.

Keith got some new fangled fly strips for the back yard, we always have tons of flies back there, and they are so annoying all summer long. The fly strips are almost like tie dyed, this weird pattern of squares in bright yellow and green. Whoever figured these fly strips out did a good job because within minutes of hanging them there were already flies stuck to them. Which is kind of creepy when they are not dead yet, they are stuck there with their little legs waving at you. Help me! Help me!

We got a new monitor for our computer along with a new printer. We've had the monitor since we got our computer however many years ago and it's been going in and out for a while now, the screen getting dark and the colors being all weird so we broke down and went over to Best Buy for a new a little bit bigger one. My printer has been acting up for a long time, too, jamming up and not printing correctly, wasting lots of my photo paper that I use for my cards and tags in my Etsy shop. So, new printer and no more wasted paper.

We had moved the bird feeder out front a while back so that Buddy wouldn't keep catching birds (and bringing them into the house) so now when I'm sitting in the front room working on things or sewing I get to watch the birds come to eat. I've seen what I'm assuming are the same couple of doves, a smaller female and a big male, and that boy dove is quite amorous and is always chasing the girl dove around. She's minding her own business looking for seeds on the ground and he is hopping up behind her, look at me! I love you! and she hops away a foot or two and he hops right behind her. She gets fed up and flies off and he flies off after her. It's rather entertaining.

And other than that, I can't think of anything else to write about today.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

More Sewing and Animals Without Limbs

I got a few downloadable patterns from Etsy the other day, my attention span is short and I get tired of working on one type of thing and move on to something else rather quickly. Then I'll get bored with the something else and go back to the original thing that I was working on. My quilt is still in progress but I got distracted by a cute pattern for a little coin purse/keychain pattern that I found. I actually got a few patterns for different types of coin purses, looking for easy to make ones of course. The first pattern I got was cute but a little complicated, with darts and some hand sewing involved. Don't much like hand sewing, so I won't be making any more of that one.

This pattern is super simple, just two sides and some batting or interfacing and all the sewing can be done on the machine. I found some fabric glue that works great for openings in things that you turn and topstitch but still have that open seam part. Just glue it shut with the fabric glue, which is even washable, so for things like coasters it works great.

Here are some coin purses out of the easy pattern, I'm going to put them in my Etsy shop and see if anyone is interested in them.

It's kind of fun choosing a coordinating but completely different fabric for the insides of the purses.

Millie has been having fun chewing up her toys. Here are her favorites:
Red dog with no ears and missing a back leg. This is how that came to be the other day while I was on the computer and she was being extra quiet.
This is green frog who has no front legs.
And pink pig is missing her ears.
What? I can't hear you!