Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday Odds and Ends

I don't get sick very often, but this year is not starting out all that well. Keith brought the Barstow crud home from work and we were both sick with colds that didn't want to quit, the cough from the cold seemed to hang on for weeks and we had stuffed up noses and lots of snot. We started feeling better and then he had an attack of what we thought was allergies but must have been the Barstow crud again, with him having a miserable trip over the desert, runny nose, sneezing and coughing the entire way. Enough to where the engineer was having second thoughts about being cooped up in a cab with him and worried about his own health. It was the second coming of THE COLD not allergies, because I'm going through my second coming right now. It started a few days ago with that something more than allergy type feeling and has become a full blown nasty nasty cold. My head is full of cotton and I can't breathe through my nose very well. Two colds in as many months is very unusual for me, I don't think I've had a cold in 2 or 3 years. Thanks, nasty Barstow!

Now that we've been dog parents for a few months, I've come to the conclusion that cats are much much much easier. Dogs certainly do need a whole lot of attention and don't let you forget that they need that attention unless they are asleep. I do enjoy having an animal that is actually excited to see you when you walk in the door, whether you've just been outside to take trash out or have been gone a few hours, it's like OH MY GOD YOU'RE BACK AND YOU ARE THE BEST PERSON EVER! Kind of good for the old ego there.

I do sort of feel like a zookeeper though, what with feeding and poop cleaning up and feeding some more and more poop cleaning up, but we are enjoying our yappy needy little dog quite a bit. Except for the barking part of it all.

Speaking of poop, as we get older or don't eat the right things, we do tend to have problems in the going to the bathroom area on occasion. Or every day in my case. I've been drinking my Metamucil 3 times a day for a lot of years now, the extra fiber certainly can't hurt and it's supposed to help keep your arteries cleared out too, but even with all that Metamucil I've had a lot of problems in the bathroom going ever since I turned 50 it seems like, with each day being a challenge as to whether I will or won't be able to go today. It's not fun dealing with constipation, not a topic we usually like to discuss but something that can make you very cranky and irritable. It's also not something you want to wake  up thinking about every single day.

I had tried probiotic pills once before but the brand that I bought gave me stomach cramps, so gave those up very quickly. I decided to give them another try and got a once daily delayed release probiotic and hey! no more problems! The brand that I got is made by Renew Life and is called Ultimate Flora and boy, do they work well with no stomach cramps. I still drink my Metamucil for those digestive benefits and I feel a lot less cranky these days.

And, speaking of constipation, we've all dealt with hemorrhoids, or piles as they called them in the olden days, and those aren't much fun either. I used to use the standard Preparation H but found a homeopathic cream that works so much better, almost instantaneously. It's called Nupercainal Bio-Active cream nad it's made with herbs and is cooling and soothing and works really really well. It feels a little odd at first since it is definitely COOLING! Strange feeling to have your hind end kind of tingly cold but it works so very well.

Okay, what else can we talk about that doesn't involve butts and bathrooms?

The weather? It was supposed to start raining overnight but I woke up to sunny skies. Rain is promised for later today so we will see if that ever happens. I do like me a rainy Saturday, especially when I can just stay home and watch it all from the comfort of my couch. Which is where I will probably be most of the day since I really don't feel all that well.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What The Heck?

No, not more hail. Just an extremely fugly outfit I found while looking online for some summer clothes. I can't imagine anyone actually wearing this.
What the hell is up with those pants?

We Left the House Last Night

And the sky fell down while we were gone.

It was a nice day yesterday, the rain had stopped and the sun was shining, shining enough to where I got completely hot and sweaty when I took the dog for her walk and had to take a shower when I got home. I figured that there would be no more rain from this latest storm but boy, was I wrong.

There were a few dark clouds in the bright blue sky late in the afternoon and it sprinkled a bit as they went over the house, sprinkled while you could still see that blue sky everywhere around the dark clouds. Always a bit disconcerting when it is raining where you are but not the next block over. It started raining a bit more as the sun went down and then we heard some thunder which of course the dog barked at. Got to save the humans and scare that thunder away don't you know.

I was getting ready to fix something for dinner and the kids called wanting to know if we wanted to join them at a barbecue place about halfway between each of our houses for dinner. Well, yes, anything but my cooking sounds good to me! So, we got in the car and as we were driving east to meet them we could see dark clouds and pouring rain out to the west of us, along with flashes of lightning. Exciting!

We had dinner and then headed back home and as we came down Coffee Road to our house the pavement was really wet and we figured it must have just rained on our side of town. Then we pull into the driveway and Keith says hey, what is that white stuff all over the yard?

It was hail. Pea sized hail that we must have just barely missed the downpour of. Poor Lucy was by the front door like what the heck? We were looking around the yard like what the heck? It hailed and we missed it!

 And that was the most exciting thing that happened yesterday.

Keith had gotten home from work in the afternoon and thought he wouldn't go back out until tomorrow, but something happened on the boards and he moved up really quickly and went out before the sun came up this morning.

Oh, and to update on his doctor visit and weird EKG, the MIR or whatever it was that they did showed no blocked arteries or anything, so everything seems okay with his heart. Who knows why the one EKG was abnormal, but he should be fine there. He did gain a lot of weight this year and is borderline diabetic with really high triglycerides so the doctor gave him some new fat blocking meds and weight loss/appetite suppressant something or other to help him lose the weight and thereby lower those triglycerides and keep the diabetes in check. Mine is under control so no new meds for me and all of my other bloodwork was okay. Now we just wait for the bloodwork bills to come in, we got the EOBs from the insurance company and it always stuns me how expensive bloodwork is even after the insurance pays their part, not to mention how much it is before they pay! I guess people with no insurance or not so great insurance just don't get bloodwork done because it certainly is not affordable!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mimi Sitting on Things Again

Mimi and Buddy both don't like the dog all that much, maybe because Millie has barked and snarled at the both of them when they've tried to get up on the bed when one of us was already in it and she was feeling extra protective. Buddy will hiss at her and then go somewhere else when she is around. She has no problem at all with the other three indoor cats and the two cats outside. Harri sleeps at the foot of my bed most nights and Millie crawls under the covers and they both get along just fine all night. Pepper just kind of ignores Millie but Bear is quite curious although a little intimidated. Millie likes Bear and will come right up to her and sniff her and Bear will just sit there. If Millie is on the couch next to me Bear is not afraid to get up on the arm of the couch and sit there to be petted.

I took Millie for her walk this morning, hoping the promised rain would hold off until after the walk, and so far it has, hours later now. Keith did call from Barstow and said it had started raining there, so hopefully we will get some here sometime today. It's been chilly the past few days and I'm glad I didn't get rid of the well worn winter clothes just yet, I almost did thinking that it wasn't going to get cold again what with all the warm days we've been having lately. Sorry, rest of the country, I know your weather is ridiculously unbearable right now with no end in sight. Anyway, Millie the little yappy dog is still kind of a pain to take for a walk what with her pulling on the leash and getting all the dogs in the neighborhood to bark as we go by. We were coming down the sidewalk and a couple with two small dogs were coming the other way and knowing what Millie does when other dogs come along, I stepped to the side and crouched down to hold her still while she barked furiously at the other dogs. She kind of wants to go check them out but is also doing her protection thing. I'm beginning to think I need to call a dog trainer or something. They do have a dog class that I see every Saturday walking the well behaved dogs around behind the pet store, but I think they are the advanced class and all she would do is bark and lunge. Bark and lunge. Plus, they do their class really early in the morning and I'm just not that ambitious first thing in the morning. We will see, I did pick her up and carried her a couple of times this morning when she got too excited and strained too much at the leash, maybe if I don't let her walk when she's acting like that she will get the message.

She also really likes motorcycles and when they go by gets very excited and barky and tries to run after them.

I have not been feeling like doing much of anything lately, yesterday Keith was sleeping most of the day so I read books until I almost had to take a nap from all the inactivity. I did get the vacuum cleaner out this morning and did the front bedroom and hallway, then wheeled it into the living room where it is still sitting. Mimi has a thing for the coiled up cord and really likes to sit on it.
Silly, silly kitty.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hunks of Meat and Flowers Blooming

The other day Keith got home from work early in the morning and decided to go do some shopping, then decided he wanted to invite Joe and Elizabeth over for some barbecue dinner. He spent a bunch of money on pork tri-tips and whole chickens then had to do more shopping to get the things you stick the chicken on to roast them in the barbecue, then spent the afternoon in the back yard drinking beer and cooking meat. He thought everything was cooked, the outsides of the chickens and pork tri-tips (which I didn't even know there was such a cut of pork) were crispy and delicious looking but when he started cutting into it all, blood blood and more blood. Gag.

So, as the kids got here for dinner, the chicken and pork got cut up and put in the oven to finish cooking.

When we finally sat down to eat, Keith gave Millie some big chunks of pork, which she grabbed up in her little mouth and then took to the flower bed to bury. I checked Keith's work lineup after we finished eating and it looked like he'd be going out in the middle of the night, so he went to bed early and the kids went on home. Then later as I was watching TV Millie wanted to go outside and I let her, thinking she needed to do her business.

Her business was digging up the previously buried pork meat rather than taking a tinkle, which I found out when she came to the door to be let back in and she had a big chunk of it in her mouth. Before I could grab her to get it out of her mouth, she was running down the hall with it, presumably to re-bury it in some bed pillows or a laundry basket. I did catch up with her and took the meat away, much to her dismay.

Then later we repeated the whole digging up the meat thing with the second piece being brought into the house, but this time I caught her at the door.

She wasn't real happy with me taking the meat away so I made her a plate of some of the chicken and some cottage cheese which seemed to appease her.

She has gone back to one of the burying spots a few times, looking for more treasure.

As we were sitting in the backyard waiting for food to cook, I noticed that our non-flowering plum tree is flowering. Yeah, that doesn't make sense, it flowers but no fruit so I guess that's the non-flowering part. Just a few blooms so far, but give it a few days and it will be covered in flowers.
We've been letting the cats go out and enjoy the weather quite a bit these past few weeks, Buddy has really been enjoying it to the point where he was outside almost all day yesterday and well into the evening. He was laying in wait under the bird feeder hoping for a fat juicy bird which I'm sure he wouldn't know what to do with if he caught one, other than play with it.