Saturday, September 13, 2014

Some Cats Not Doing Much And Some New Tables

I've been somewhat busy this week doing the usual cleaning up after cats and working on our front flower bed. Of course we are having what I hope is our last heat wave of the year and I'm out digging in flower beds in the hot sun. It's so strange to see reports of snow in the midwest and images like these angry snowmen from Canada when it's 100 degrees here.
I had gotten Keith some bottles of apple juice for his lunches and thought Mimi might like the box. It wasn't as good as her boot box, though, so she only sat for a minute and then the box went into the recycle bin.

I had to make sure Buddy was feeling okay this morning, he doesn't look well in these pictures and doesn't look all that comfortable what with his face pushed up against the metal table leg.

He is okay despite the sad bleary eyed look on his face.

I went to Hobby Lobby last week, I've been wanting to replace the cheap little put it together yourself end table that we got at Walmart for $12.00 because it was just starting to get on my nerves and make me sad that we had a cheap table from Walmart in our living room. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with cheap furniture but we are at that point in our lives where we should be able to afford something a little nicer than a $12.00 Walmart table to put our coffee mugs on while we watch morning TV.

A few months ago we had looked at end tables at a real furniture store and they were very expensive and really kind of ugly. We found one table we liked at Hobby Lobby at about 1/3 the price of the furniture store end table. Yes, Hobby Lobby carries furniture and some pretty nice furniture at that.

Anyway, time to go back to Hobby Lobby and see what else they had. I found this little end table chest and what really caught my eye were the drawers, they have cutouts in the wood where the metal scrolls are. Plus, the price was in my budget.

It was the only one they had so I figured I'd better grab it.

I went back a few days later to see if they had gotten in anything else in this style, I would like to replace our back of the couch table since it is all scratched up and I've never really liked it anyway. No sofa tables, but I did find this tiny little table that sort of matched the little chest and the price was even righter for a little table, so...

Home it came and what to do with the bigger table that was at this end of the couch? Make it into a sort of coffee table so now we have lots and lots of tables in the living room. Mimi thinks it's pretty cool, she does a kind of table, couch, table hop now, the tops of these little tables being the perfect size for her to lay on. Harri was enjoying the new coffee table as a perch and was actually being playful, batting at Pepper as she walked by. Which Pepper did not enjoy.

The thing under the coffee table is a cat mat by the way. It has a zipper so you can put catnip in it.

Keith's back on the road this morning, he has been doing what we call the Turn and Burn, working pretty much every 12 hours. He got a call the other night for a brakeman's job in Barstow so he was driven out in a van and then when he got to the terminal was told someone else was on that job and to go to the motel and they would figure out what to do with him. He spent 12 boring hours in the motel and then was driven back to Bakersfield in a van, totally wasting his time for 24 hours. They do get paid to sit in the van but not as much as an actual trip, so all around a big waste of his time and he got shorted on money he could have been making.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Black And White Bastard Strikes Again And Poor Harri!

Yesterday Mimi was laying way back under the entertainment center/bookshelf unit and I got down on the floor to give her a pet or two and as I was down there on the floor noticed a very large amount of cobwebs way back under the entertainment center/bookshelf unit.

Because out of sight out of mind?

So, first thing on my agenda this morning was getting under there and cleaning it all up. And I might as well clean the rest of the living room while I'm at it.

Since the outside air this morning was way cooler than the inside air, I opened up the doors and windows and got busy on my living room cleanup. As I was vacuuming the entryway floor, I noticed a yellow puddle on the floor right inside the screen door. Because that little bastard black and white cat likes to spray our screen door on a daily (if not twice daily) basis so our screen is permanently stained and I spray it with bleach on a daily (if not twice daily) basis. Well, since the front door was open, when he came by to spray this morning it went right through the screen and onto the tile floor. I'm glad there is tile floor and not carpet there because once the carpet gets cat spray urine on it you might as well just get new carpet.

The entryway tile did need a mopping but I really didn't want to have to clean up bad bastardly black and white cat urine first.


The other day I had my box of paper sitting on the bed while I was working on some things, and yes, Miss Must Sit On Or In EVERYTHING got into my box to sit. Where she just barely fit.

Genie the bird murderess struck again yesterday and fortunately for me Keith was the one who had to deal with the carnage.

He was in the living room and Genie came to the door all mumbly meowing because she had a bird in her mouth. She laid it at the door for some praise and Keith picked it up and found that it was still alive with some damage to its little head and beak. He laid it up on the bird feeder and after it shook itself off it flew away. Since its beak was damaged I doubt it will survive. He did give Genie some pets because that's what cats do, bring their prey to you so you won't starve. Yes, the poor birds don't need outdoor cats killing them, but this outdoor cat does not like our indoor cats so outdoors she must stay.

And speaking of outdoor cats, I was sitting with Genie for a few minutes this morning while Lucy wandered about the back yard and when I went to open the screen door to go back inside Harri shot out like a rocket wanting to get some grass (weeds) and Lucy went after her like Harri was her mortal enemy. The screen door is very dark and you can't see inside so I had no idea Harri was poised to make a break for it. Poor Harri had no chance to get some grass, the instant she came out Lucy was all over her.

Harri is running around the back yard in total terror and Lucy is running right behind her snarling and scratching at her and I'm running around right behind Lucy screaming LUCY!!! and then Harri ran down the side yard and hid behind the pile of wood that has been sitting in the side yard for about 10 years. But, the wood in the side yard is a whole different story and maybe someday it will get cleaned up.

The gate on that side of the yard is always locked and it's such a mess that I couldn't get down to where Harri was cowering, so I went inside to find the key to unlock the gate and by the time I got the gate unlocked and opened up, no Harri. So, I went around to the other side yard and opened up that gate just in case Harri was trying to get out on that side of the yard, but no Harri. I found her a few minutes later trying to hide in the tall weeds just outside the back door, covered in cobwebs from the piles of wood in the side yard.

I got her inside and cleaned off the cobwebs and I don't think she will be trying to run out the back door again anytime soon.

Monday, September 8, 2014

A Sprinkle

It was odd to see clouds in the sky this morning. We hardly ever see clouds in the summertime here unless you count clouds of pollution.

It tried to rain a bit, of course at the same time that I was watering the lawn, my watering the lawn (dead grass) days being Mondays and Thursdays. Dime sized drops of water were on the pavement but not enough rain came down to connect those dots and it was all dried up a few minutes later.

I set the kitchen timer for 10-15 minutes while I water so I don't forget to turn the water back off, something that I really do need a kitchen timer to help me remember. I do water my flowers daily, though, too much money was spent on those flowers to let them dry up and die on me. I really don't care all that much about the grass, in fact am kind of proud of my dead brown lawn. I'm saving water!

And it's fun to be able to stick it to the homeowner's association after all these years of 'you aren't keeping your grass green enough' letters. Complete with pictures. My favorite was the time that I left my green waste trash can out on the driveway for a day and got a letter about that. Complete with picture.

I rode the bike over to drop off a few packages this morning and to pick up a few things at Target and when I went out back by the shed to put my bike away I felt some more raindrops. But they were only falling in one small area of the yard. I kept sticking my hand out, yes those are raindrops and I can see the drops falling on the patio but if I step a foot away no more raindrops and it was kind of WEIRD and I looked over the fence to see if he neighbor maybe had a sprinkler going but no, it was raining but only in one small area of the yard.

And so far that is the most interesting thing I've experienced so far today.

I did have some extra strange dreams last night. Most nights my dreams are a bit odd but I never really remember much of them unless they are extra disturbing, like the dream about trying to shoot Lucy cat with a gun. I kept shooting her but it was like a BB gun and it wasn't hurting her and why I would be dreaming about shooting Lucy with a gun I don't know. She is a very nice little kitty and I have never wanted to shoot her in real life!

That dream will bug me for a long time I think. It could be that I was finishing up watching season 4 of Boardwalk Empire right before bed last night and it is a very violent show with lots of guns and shooting of people. At least I hope that is why and I'm not turning into some kind of caticidal maniac.

Friday, September 5, 2014

What I Did Today

I was going to title this post What I Did This Summer, shades of grade school first few days back writing assignment. Or did any of us actually have this assignment? Is it just stuff of fiction that every kid in America had to write about What I Did This Summer and how embarrassing for the kids who just watched cartoons for three months?

Which kind of sounds like our summer except maybe switch the cartoons for Dr. Phil.

It really has been rather dull and even though the calendar says September and we can hear the kids at the high school up the road cheering for their team on Friday nights, the stadium being just close enough to where we can hear the band practicing in the mornings and the crowd cheering on football evenings, there is nothing other than football even remotely fall like here.

It's still stinking hot.

So, what did I do today besides watch the grass get browner and browner? I had my periodontal maintenance teeth cleaning appointment this morning which is just an incredibly fun way to start your day! My new crown is still causing a lot of pain and I'm having to take aspirin about every 4 hours around the clock and it's also very sensitive to water being sprayed on it, so I made sure she was not going to use the high powered water cleaner thing anywhere near that crown, do that part by hand thank you very much.

I had left Keith still in bed where he had been since about 8 the night before and when I got home from my appointment he was just barely getting out of bed. He had put in for a rest day, which is actually a rest 24 hours that you can put in for after so many days of going out every 12 hours. If you go too many days without requesting your rest day you are forced to take one whether you want to or not and as far as getting paid goes, it's better to take the rest before it's mandatory.

So, I guess he got rested enough and as soon as the 24 hours were up he was back to work. I drove him over and dropped him off so that I could have the car for a change of pace even though there really wasn't any place that I needed to go. I get so hot and sweaty driving around town despite the air conditioner in the car being cranked as high as it will go, so I don't really enjoy driving around all that much but kind of wanted to go to the used bookstore.

So, I did. I got 17 books for 23 dollars and some change, a price that suits me just fine and if I start a book and can't really get into it, I don't feel obligated to keep reading because the book cost so much! I just toss it in the take to the Goodwill bag without a backwards glance.
I have been doing a lot of reading this summer, but I always do a lot of reading, so...

And that is what I did today. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Birthday Dinner

Yesterday was my birthday. And also our wedding anniversary, the year that we got married always escaping my memory so I always have to ask Keith how many years it's been. It was our 11th anniversary and as I told him, that's a long time so no wonder we get on each others nerves once in a while. Well, maybe more than once in a while if the truth be told.

It was birthday number 59, so enough said about that.

Since he was going to be working on the actual day we went out for dinner on Friday night. Nothing fancy, just over to J's place for some southern cooking. We had the most friendly waitress ever and the food is always good even though it's nowhere near low carb. Keith got some ribs and I got my usual southern enchiladas with corn, yams, and cornbread on the side. Then we took home some slices of german chocolate cake for dessert.

While we were waiting for our food, a couple about our age were seated in a booth right behind Keith and the entire time they were sitting, ordering, eating, each of them were on their own separate cell phones looking at stuff, texting, etc. They never looked at each other and never spoke a word to each other. The food came and the cell phones stayed in their hands while they ate with one hand and clicked the cell phone with the other. Maybe it was their wedding anniversary too, and they've been married so long that they just have absolutely nothing to say to each other anymore.

I thought cell phone addiction was a young person's problem but apparently not.

More fun with cockroaches yesterday. I keep Genie's food bowl on one of the little patio tables out back, if the food sits on the patio ants find it in about 2 seconds, and if it sits on the big patio table, the same thing, but the little patio tables have always been ant free which I really can't figure out since they get on the big patio table, but yesterday ants had found her food. They are little tiny ants and sometimes you don't see them at first until you realize that the food in the bowl is moving.

I got out our ant and roach spray to spray down the top of the table and the table legs and as I was spraying roaches started swarming out from the cracks between the patio bricks. Gross! Keith had gotten one of those big spray around the outside of your house and create a bug barrier jug things so I got that out and started spraying the entire patio, making sure Genie was up in her basket on the table of course, and it was like something out of a horror movie. Big cockroaches and little cockroaches all swarming up from under the patio bricks and running for their lives. I'm really surprised I didn't have nightmares about it last night.

For some reason the outdoor cockroaches are also called water bugs around here. I was told they could fly but I don't ever want to see that happening.

I found one of them in the bathroom last night. Mimi was sitting there staring at the corner behind the little trash can and sure enough, a big black nasty cockroach was running around. I got her out of the bathroom, shut the door, and went after that disgusting thing with the roach spray. Then after killing it I realized that I had just sprayed bug spray all over the carpet and linoleum floor and the floor was probably going to be slippery and the carpet wet where I'd sprayed so then wiped things up a bit and put down some towels so that I wouldn't be walking around in roach spray when I needed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I also shut the doors so the cats wouldn't be walking around in roach spray.

Joe and Elizabeth along with daughter Ashly came by in the late afternoon to wish me a happy birthday. I knew they couldn't afford much and I was hungry and for some reason craving McDonalds so my birthday dinner was me buying hamburgers and fries for us all. I'm trying to help them out as much as I can because they are really having a tough time of things right now and I certainly don't mind buying them dinner in return for some company on my birthday. Plus it satisfied any Mcdonalds cravings for quite some time.