Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cat In The Laundry Basket

Unlike Millie the dog who prefers a laundry basket filled with nice smelly dirty clothes to lay in, Mimi the cat just can't resist the lure of an empty laundry basket. Or any other type of basket, box, container, what have you.

I was being nice and folding Keith's laundry while he was napping the other day and the empty basket was sitting on the floor and yes, about 2 seconds after it was emptied and put on the floor, little Miss Has To Sit On Or In Everything was in the basket. Where she was quite content for a while.

Today I went on two walks with the dog, one this morning down the street behind our house to the intersection at the end of it and back around. It was really foggy and rather cold and I was glad that I had put on the hat that Jennifer made me for Christmas. Kept my ears nice and toasty warm. The fog didn't lift until about 3:30 today, so much for the warmer weekend we were promised.

I was getting really hungry around 4 and when I'm home alone I really don't want to cook anything, not that there are any ingredients to make much of anything with anyway. I needed to go over to Office Depot and get some ink and figured we could just walk down a little further to Sonic, where we can order at the ordering machine on the patio and the dog could sit with me while I got something to eat. The ordering machine that you can't understand a single word the person taking your order says and you just hope they got it right. I've only eaten the actual food there once before and wasn't real impressed but when you are hungry and don't want to fix anything and it's the only place that you can bring a dog with you when you don't have a car available for the drive thru, Sonic it was. I ordered some popcorn chicken and a plain cheeseburger to give some to Millie and some cherry limeade. The cherry limeade was good and Millie seemed to enjoy the hamburger (after being so rude as to bark at the girl who brought it to us) but the popcorn chicken tasted worse than the cheapest frozen popcorn chicken you can buy. I only ate a few pieces of it, but Millie sat there on the bench and was a good girl while I fed her some of the cheeseburger. I don't get why people eat the food at Sonic, it really is just not very good. Now, the ice cream and shakes, YES! Food, no. If they didn't have the ice cream and all I don't think they'd be in business long. McDonalds cheapest hamburger beats them by a mile. Even the chicken nuggets are better.

So, two walks in and a lousy dinner. The only other thing I've done all day is work on some things for my shops and mess around printing up more things to make.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

We're Sick And Some Dog Antics

Keith came home a few weeks ago with what he calls the Barstow Crud. Coughing, achy, sore throat, unable to sleep because of all the coughing. I got it about a week ago (thanks a lot!) and now I'm coughing and achy and have a sore throat. Also unable to sleep because of the coughing.

Apparently everyone is getting it this winter and it's just something you have to let run its course, drinking lots of fluids and taking lots of medicine in the meantime. I haven't had a cold in a few years now and wish I hadn't caught this one.

I made Keith take the dog for her walk this morning, yesterday I took her on two walks, a long one in the morning when we went to Petco for a new toy and a shorter one early in the evening. She is such a barker, she barked at every single person while walking along in front of the stores in the shopping center where Petco is, and then barking at three little kids in a shopping cart while in line to pay for her toy and some cat food. Then last night Joe and Elizabeth came by for a bit and she sat on my lap growling at them. She finally calmed down and realized they were not a threat to her or me. Very protective little dog with that little dog with a big bark thing going on.

Her new toy is already missing a bow and part of an ear. It is a pirate monkey named Scurvy. Odd to name a toy after a terrible disease but catchy all the same. Here she is enjoying her new toy in the back yard.

And here is Scurvy minus his bow.
She curled up in Keith's laundry basket the other day. All nice and smelly dirty clothes to lay on.
Other than dog stuff, nothing much else going on. I haven't had a whole lot of energy to do much other than the basics that you need to do every day. I did make some soup a few days ago, I had bought a can of Wolfgang Puck's chicken and wild rice soup and couldn't eat most of it because the chicken and carrots that they use in soups are really kind of gross and it wasn't all that good, sorry Wolfgang, but your canned soup is not all that.

I wanted to make my own chicken and wild rice soup so I found an easy enough recipe online and made my soup. Instead of expensive wild rice I used a boxed wild and white rice mix without the seasoning for the rice and left out the mushrooms that the recipe had in there (gag). It also called for slivered almonds which sounded odd and really didn't go with a creamy type soup. Creamy then crunchy is not my idea of soothing chicken and rice soup. Keith liked the almonds which surprised me because he usually doesn't like almonds in his food. Next time I make it I will leave the almonds as a topping instead of in the soup.

Monday, January 19, 2015

New Year's Resolutions Anyone?

No? Me neither. Although if I had made a resolution to get more exercise, having a ball of energy type dog certainly helps. I've gone for a walk every single day since a few days after getting the little yapper. I'm about ready to go for 2 walks a day but it's been kind of cold outside so for now one a day is about all I can handle. My legs must be getting used to it all, I could have gone a bit further than we went today (which was pretty far) but I don't want to make her walk too far on those short little legs. Although the guy down the street with 3 little yappers walks them out of our neighborhood and up the main street, down the street by the high school, then down the street by the grocery stores and then back around down the street by Walmart behind our houses. A big huge rectangle basically. It's a long way to walk, I have no idea exactly how far but even on a bike it's a bit daunting.

So, the walking part is good. The barking part not so much. She is a barker, that's for sure. I did a little googling of Chiweenies and yes, while they are very loyal and a good companion, they do love love love to bark. It's the small dog syndrome I guess, I'm small but I have a big bark!

She is also getting quite territorial, she likes to sleep with me when Keith's not here and gets down under my covers with me. Last night I was almost asleep when Buddy jumped up on the bed and Millie DID NOT WANT anyone else on the bed and came out from under the covers snarling at him. She got a spanking and a BAD DOG for doing that and this morning Buddy got back at her with a swipe of his claws.

I can't imagine having this type of dog if you are away at work all day. Besides the barking at every little thing, they really do need a lot of attention and most of the time want to be near a person. This afternoon I was trying to work on the computer and list stuff in my shops and she wanted to be on my lap and when that didn't work got up behind me on the chair. I finally put her bed on the shelf under the workbench/desk and she seemed happy enough to lay down there by my feet. That's where she is right now.

She is also just like the cats in that you can't go to the bathroom without an animal following you in there. They see you just sitting there and hey! your hands are free to pet me!

I have a feeling this year is going to go by quickly, here it is over halfway through the first month already. Time does fly by fast when you get old!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mimi and Bear

Still friends after all these years. And sitting on my new couch blanket from Kohl's, originally priced at like 60 bucks but marked down to 24. Still a lot to pay for a couch throw but I bought it after sitting there watching TV one night and being cold and trying to get warm under a knitted throw that just didn't do the trick. Too many holes in the knitted throw that had been washed so many times that it was no longer soft and fluffy or at all warm.

I had gotten some cheap blankets at Walmart, $4.97 each, and while they were soft and warm, one washing and they went outside for cat blankets. You get what you pay for I guess.

Anyway, the blanket is warm and soft and the cats love it.

I still love how Bear 'hugs' Mimi.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

More Doggy Stuff and Peas!

Millie really likes peas. I was eating some the other night and anytime either one of us is eating something she sits and stares, hoping for a handout. After the peas cooled off I put some on a plate for her. At first she just kind of sniffed them and then after I gave her one out of my hand she decided they taste pretty good. I tried her on green beans today but no thanks, she doesn't like green beans.
Peas, yes.

Green beans no.

Those are green beans on the floor in front of her where she spit them out.

I spent most of today working on my Etsy shops, taking pictures and then listing the stuff in the shops. I always feel like I haven't gotten anything done when I spend so much of the day on the computer, unlike yesterday which was laundry and floor vacuuming and floor mopping and grocery shopping.

Keith has been sick with what I hope is just a cold, lots of coughing and not being able to sleep much. He can't take cough syrup when he is working because of the alcohol, so I went to Walgreen's to see if they make any without alcohol and asked for a recommendation from the pharmacist. She told me the best thing is cough drops, honey, and lemonade. Or limeade. Something about the citrus is good for a cold. So, I got him some honey lemon cough drops and some lemonade and got the honey out of the cupboard and told him to start taking spoonfuls of it. I think it helped his cough some but he just called from Barstow and still feels really crappy and couldn't sleep today because of all the coughing and congestion. I told him to go to Urgent Care tomorrow if he still feels bad to make sure it is just a cold and not the flu.

I've never really shopped much at Walgreen's but I got some prescriptions from the dentist filled there since they are right next to my dentist's office and I was impressed with the friendly service. I was even more impressed with the pharmacist taking the time to talk with me about the honey and lemonade thing the other day. Also the extra friendly cashier when I checked out, so I think I'll do more shopping there. Plus you can park real close to the store for us lazy crowded parking lot hating type people.