Sunday, August 28, 2016

Cheap Decorating With Walmart and Yikes! It's Been a Long Time Since I Posted on Here!

Keith went to Walmart on his way home from work the other night. Or morning depending on how you look at it. He had made some steaks for us a few weeks ago and they were very good and very tender but very hard to cut with our old cheap steak knives, so it struck him in the middle of the night that he should go buy some new knives. He also found this placemat that was 89c. They only had one of them and it's one of those incredibly thin, incredibly cheaply made placemats but hey, it looks kind of cute hanging up on door that goes into the garage! I used that putty stuff to hang it with, totally removable if you get bored with what's hanging there and no damage to the paint on the wall or door or wherever.

Buddy went to the vet last week, I had noticed that he was walking around with one eye shut and the eye was all red around the edges of it, so Keith called the vet and took him over there. It took us three tries to get Buddy in the cat carrier and he cried all the way there but he got there. I told Keith it was his turn to wrangle an animal, vet visits and cleaning up after animals always seems to fall on me. It was a good thing that his eye was all red because it turned out that he had an ear infection too, which we would have never known if not for the eye thing. He got a lot of meds which I can't give him by myself, it is a two person job to deal with Buddy, so he's missed some of his doses but does seem to be feeling better, back to his usual a little bit cranky self. He's been a little extra cranky this past week because food is now limited, no grazing whenever he (or any of the other cats) wants a little snack or is bored. He weighs an astonishing 25 pounds! He is a big big boy.
I was trying to get a picture of him out in the yard and of course Miss Nosy Mimi had to come see what was going on.
Yesterday morning Millie and I went out front for our usual early morning sit in the yard and watch what's going on in the neighborhood (and bark at anyone walking by) thing and the air felt like the summer might be ending soon. That cool crisp breeze thing was happening and boy, did it feel good! Today I've actually got the front window and door open to let some of those breezes in the house. Of course our air is not all that clean but still, cooler albeit dirty air feels pretty refreshing.

I finally did a chore that has been on my list for months, washing down the bathroom walls and ceiling. Walls are something that gets dirty but you don't really think about cleaning all that often and also it's a lot of work but the bathroom does look a bit better. All of the walls in the house need fresh coats of paint but I don't think that will happen anytime soon. To get me in the mood to clean I turned on IHeartRadio and set it to the Texas Tornadoes channel. If you need some extra energy listening to songs such as 'Are You Going to San Antone' certainly does help.

Now on to cleaning the sinks and mirrors along with vacuuming up cat hair, a chore I do every single day.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cheap Thrills More Crochet and More Digestive Issues

Digestive issues. Just part of getting old I guess. As mysteriously as my...whisper...diarrhea issues started up last year they have just as mysteriously gone and now I am back to the daily challenge of trying to get enough fiber and water in the hopes of everything that goes in comes back out again. I had just gotten used to not straying too far from a bathroom and actually liking the part about losing weight because the fats in my foods were not getting digested when okay, enough of that, now you are not going to be able to go at all! So...metamucil is once again my friend and how many times a day can you drink that stuff anyway? I keep a bottle of magnesium citrate saline solution on hand for emergencies but be careful with that stuff and definitely don't drink too much of it! It's cheap though and doesn't taste too bad nor does it give you cramps like some laxative pills can.

I try to get fiber in my foods but my appetite is just so bad these days, food does not sound good but I still get very hungry and have to eat something, anything! Unfortunately my taste for sweet stuff looks like it will never go away, but my taste for anything healthy like chicken or a salad is just non existent. And lets not even get into cooking anything, it's too hot to cook and I just plain old don't like doing it, especially when I just can't face eating the end result because it just doesn't look or sound good. I do mix up and drink a lot of Trutein protein shakes (which come in wonderful flavors like peanut butter marshmallow!) but as far as real food goes, ugh.

We did go out to lunch with Joe last week and went to a cafe down the road that we hadn't been to in years. They had expanded both the cafe and the menu since we were last there. I seem to remember it only being open for breakfast and lunch but it's now open for dinner too and they also have a full bar, not that either one of us can drink any liquor anymore. I opted for the hamburger patty diet plate and it was really good, the hamburger was really tasty and tender and the sliced tomatoes and fruit that came with it did whet my appetite and tasted really good. Keith had pork chops and eggs and Joe had bacon and eggs which came with home fried potatoes and a biscuit and gravy (yum!). The service was really good and the heavily tattooed waitress very cafe/truck stop friendly so I'm pretty sure that we will go back next time we are looking for a good meal. However I don't think I'll be trying the tongue sandwich that is on their menu any time soon.

We went to the movies last week to see Jason Bourne which was good, but I have an incredibly hard time sitting through a movie in a movie theatre these days. I get very uncomfortable and always have to go to the bathroom halfway through and am looking around for the remote control so that I can put the movie on pause. It's also really expensive to go to the movies, $10.00 each to get in and then Keith spent another $14.00 or so on a small popcorn, coke and a bottle of water.

Yesterday Keith created his 'poor man's water park' in the back yard by propping up the hose so that it would shower down on him. Millie does not like water spraying on her so she watched from the sidelines looking quite confused as to what Papa was doing.
He sat out there for about 30 minutes under the water and said it was very relaxing. Plus it cooled him off after we had worked in the front yard getting things cleaned up that morning.

More crochet. I've gotten a lot of patterns off of Etsy and am really enjoying trying them all out. I did this mandala coaster pattern yesterday.
I have so many different colors of the 'I Love This Cotton Yarn' brand from Hobby Lobby that I could probably make hundreds of these in all different color combinations. I went a little overboard last time I was at Hobby Lobby and now have boxes full of yarn!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Fungus Among Us and Some Mimi and Some Crochet

A mushroom walks into a bar. The bartender looks at him and says 'Hey, we don't serve mushrooms in here!". The mushroom replies "Why not? I'm a real fungi".

I don't quite get why mushrooms are growing in our yard when it's hot hot hot outside, but they are really creepy.
They start out in the traditional mushroom shape and then all of a sudden explode into this big icky nasty thing. I have to put my garden gloves on when I pull them out of the yard because I just can't touch them with my bare hands.

I have been to Hobby Lobby quite a few times lately, spending way way way too much money. They have a wonderful lightweight cotton yarn that is so soft and makes beautiful coasters. I've also seen blanket squares made from this type of cotton so will probably try a blanket one of these days. The last time I was over there, again spending way too much money because I got a skein of the cotton in almost every color they carry, which they have a huge amount to choose from, and saw these big plastic totes that were on sale for 80% off. They were only $7.98 to begin with so after the discount I got two totes for something like $3.40. I was thinking they would be great for putting my ball or skein of yarn in as I crochet so it's not rolling around the floor gathering cat and dog hairs on it. They do work very well for that purpose so far and also just for toting around the yarn, but Mimi thought they looked like a good thing to sit in. They are tall so when she first tried to get in one she got her body stuck inside the handle. I helped her get unstuck and put her down inside the tote where she sat for a while until she got bored.

These are the coasters I've been working on and have put into my Etsy shop. I got a new pattern yesterday for a round daisy coaster so those will be going into the shop soon too. I've also been working on some dishcloths and face scrubbies, getting a little obsessed with them because they work up so fast and easy.

 These are a bit oversized, not your traditional just barely fit a cup on type coasters.

And here is a picture of Millie looking kind of sad and sitting on Keith's pants as he was getting ready to go to work the other day. She gets downright depressed when he leaves for work but is the happiest dog you've ever seen when he comes back home.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Knocking At The Door

Last night Keith left for work a little after midnight and after he was gone Millie and I went to bed. I was soundly sleeping until about 3am when Millie started barking. I patted her and told her everything was okay but then I heard the screen door bang and now I'm awake because it sounds like someone is breaking into my house! I looked out the window and didn't see anything so then cautiously went to peek out the front door window. Where I didn't see anything. I was going to head back to bed when the screen door banged again and I heard a meow.

It was Buddy, who had run out the front door hours before and we had completely forgotten about. He knows how to hook the screen with his claw and make it bang when he gets stuck out front so that is what he was doing that woke Millie up. None of our cats are climbers, which is a good thing because they stay in the back yard, but at 3am you kind of wish your cat knew how to climb over the fence and come in through the doggy door instead of banging on the screen!

I felt kind of bad that we forgot about him but I'm so used to cats sleeping in corners or being out in the  yard that I don't do a head count before going to bed.

It's still hot here, what else is new. It will be hot here for a couple more months to come and you'd think I'd be used to it by now but NO, I don't  think I will ever get used to it!

I've had a pretty busy week Etsy shop wise with quite a few small orders and two big ones. It seems like every time I start to lose interest in the shop and don't really feel like making things for it someone comes along and makes it all worth while with some extra cash coming my way. I've been wanting to add some crocheted coasters to the shop but am still experimenting with different yarns and figuring out the best size hooks to go with the  yarns that I don't have enough 'good' coasters to get posted just yet. I have found some really nice cotton yarns, some fine and some heavier so am trying to decide which brand I like best. Daughter Jennifer told me about the "I Love This Yarn' brand that Hobby Lobby carries so I finally made it over there, which is difficult sometimes since it's a bit of a drive, and I was amazed at how soft it is and how many colors it comes in. They have it all arranged by color group too so it's easy to mix and match. They have a cotton yarn in that brand that is so soft and comes in some really beautiful colors. I'm getting a little obsessed with buying yarn, though!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

The B Word

As in doggy bath!

A badly needed doggy bath after what transpired this morning. First off it has been stinking hot here lately, but when we went out this morning for Millie's front yard time, time that I use to drink my coffee and sometimes do a little crocheting, time that she uses to first run madly about the yard in search of cats that might be hiding under the daisy bushes, then a more calm walk around to sniff everything, then an even calmer lets lay in the grass and watch the world go by, it seemed a little cooler and much more pleasant outside. We do the front yard time every day and she knows what 'go outside' means and gets very excited waiting for me to open the front door. She has been really good about staying inside her boundaries but still likes to warn people off with a bark if they get to close to her front yard. Anyway, since it didn't seem quite so hot I decided today would be a good day to get some much needed yard work done.

I had been wanting to take out part of the star jasmine vine that has been growing alongside the garage for quite a few years, the star jasmine vine that will overnight sprout new tendrils that tend you grab you as you walk up the sidewalk, the star jasmine vine that started out as a very small plant and grew to cover two large trellises. It had gotten so heavy on the second trellis that it has been leaning way over and really annoying me. Because I like things straight. Pictures hanging crooked drive me nuts and so does a leaning over trellis.

So, lots of chopping and lopping and I got the trellis that didn't actually have a plant growing beneath it, just branches from the original plant, all cleaned up and the branches removed, then trimmed the actual plant on the other trellis way way back. No more grabbing at me when I least expect it!

Then I cleaned out the overgrown African daisies out of one side of the front flower bed, they were starting to look half dead and maybe it's time to freshen things up out there. The front flower bed is also always full of leaves from the camphor tree so a lot of raking was also done. I went into the back yard to get the broom and when I came back out Millie was enthusiastically digging a big hole in the nice damp dirt that my raking of leaves had uncovered. Her paws were covered in mud, so after an unsuccessful attempt to wipe the mud off decided that today would be bath day.

I did a little weed whacking of the small patch of grass (weeds) that grows near the street side flower bed, the rest of the yard being basically dead because we don't water those weeds, only the ones near the flower beds that get watered when we're doing the flowers, then brought Millie inside for her bath.

She looks much cleaner now, as does the yard. I have to be in the right mood to do yard work, sometimes I wish we lived in an apartment or someplace without a yard to take care of, but when I'm finished I do feel like I really accomplished something.
Front flower bed where the hole was dug.

And star jasmine and empty trellis.

I've been doing lots of crochet while sitting in the air conditioned house and am getting a little obsessed with it. It's very relaxing and I've been doing things that get finished quickly like blanket blocks and drink coasters. I was thinking about putting the coasters in my Etsy shop but still haven't decided for sure on that. I've looked around at some other crochet type shops and it doesn't seem like they sell all that well, but it might be worth a try. I haven't made anything new for my shop in a long time, I've almost gotten to where I don't really enjoy doing the shop all that much anymore. I do like the little bit of extra money though, so I'm hesitant to completely give it up.

I am not going to show you my most recent crochet since I'm working on Christmas gifts and if I showed you that would ruin the surprise.