Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Some Elk Parmesan and No Water

Here is another 'delicious' recipe found in an old issue of Taste Of Home. I guess if you are a hunter you might hunt and eat elk but I am not and just don't know about this.
It really does not look all that appetizing to me.

We have no water today, water being something you don't really think much about until you go to wash your hands and oh, yeah, the water is turned off. Yes, we paid our bill, that is not why the water is turned off but rather because Keith is in the middle of a plumbing project, just what he wanted to do on his day off and the day before Thanksgiving.

We have had issues with water leaking into a bucket under our sink for a long long time now, water that we thought was coming from the dishwasher draining into the sink but getting under the sink because the caulking around the sink needs to be replaced. I haven't been using the dishwasher for a few months now in the hopes of solving the problem until the caulking can be replaced, which could be years since things take forever to get fixed around here.

It's not the dishwasher though. Keith heard water dripping and looked under the sink and apparently the hot water pipe has been leaking forever now so it needs to be replaced. Which is a big job since the pipe is old and inside the wall and I'm sure they don't make the same kind of flexible pipe that was under there anymore. He is currently at the hardware store trying to find a replacement. Which will probably take all day to find. That is usually how fixing things projects go around here.

Anyway, it's a little inconvenient to have the water turned off, especially when the dog has been licking your hands because you went to the store for 30 minutes and she thought you were never coming back and I'm going to lick lick lick you because I'm so happy to see you and then you realize you can't wash all that dog slobber off. So you get a wet wipe out of the butt wipe box in the bathroom and then wonder if you have any hand sanitizer in the house.

But at least if the plumbing gets fixed I can use the dishwasher again which will mean my dishes will get a lot cleaner than they do when I hand wash them.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Kind Of Like a Pack Mule

I really felt like one Monday morning when I got ready to take the weekend's worth of Etsy orders over to Office Depot to drop them off in the mail. And I'm so happy that I can just go over to Office Depot to drop things off instead of having to drive 7 miles one way to the post office, which is hard to do when you don't always have a car available.

I had 15 orders to go out and had a tote bag full to go into the bike basket and then instead of trying to hang another tote bag full from the handlebars decided to cram them into my backpack. So, basket full and backpack full and on my back and then purse hanging from my shoulder off I went. And yes indeed I did feel like a pack mule and it's a good thing the bike ride only takes a few minutes.

It was a busy weekend filling those orders, not that I'm complaining about lots of orders, and then a busy day yesterday filling 5 more orders, one of which was for 60 paper ornaments, like these ones below, which take a while to make what with gluing the ribbon hangers on the back and then covering the glued on ribbon with paper and 60 of them did take all afternoon and then some. I like to pack my orders the night before since I never know if I will be able to get on the computer first thing in the morning, like this morning when Keith was still sleeping. The 60 ornament order finally got packed up and shipping label printed about 10pm.
And today no orders so far and I'm kind of glad because I'm kind of tired.

I went to bed last night and then got woken up about 2am with Millie squeaking her squeak toy because Keith had come home and was playing with her. Then Millie got back into bed with me but Mimi wanted in too and Millie snarled and growled at her because how dare she try to get in bed too. Also because the two of them kind of got into it yesterday and Millie is now a little scared of Mimi. I think she jumped on the bed yesterday afternoon and either jumped on Mimi or startled her and Mimi started snarling and hissing and Millie started yelping and then went and hid under the bed.

Then about 4:30 Millie starts barking so I look out the window and see a cat crossing the yard and see another cat on the sidewalk. I rapped on the window to scare the cat off but it just turned around and looked at me and then I'm like hey, that cat looks familiar, is that Buddy out there and if so what in the world is he doing out front?

I go to the door and yes, it's Buddy and Millie is all excited ready to rush out the door so I have to keep her back while letting Buddy in since I don't want to have to chase Millie back into the house at 4:30 am.

Then it takes me a long time to get back to sleep and between working all day yesterday and my sleep getting disturbed last night I am tired.

Millie also grossed me out some the other day when I went into the bedroom and found her sitting near the litter box with three poo balls on the floor near her, poo balls that I can only surmise she dug out of the litter box and I was so hoping she hadn't eaten any because ICK. I know dogs do that all the time but still, ICK! Doggy tootsie rolls!
She knew she was in a little trouble but is trying to look oh so innocent here.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

What Do Vegetables and Jesus Have In Common?

You can find them both in this Veggietales Nativity Set!

This flyer came in the mail today from some Christian gift shop and as I glanced at it before tossing it in the trash a picture of this nativity set caught my eye. I don't really know much about Veggietales, not having small children around, but I just got to wondering about the thought process that went into creating such a thing. Teaching children about the whole reason for the Christmas frenzy is probably a good thing, but where do the vegetables come in here, and won't somebody please tell me what kind of vegetable baby Jesus is? A peanut? Which isn't actually a vegetable of course. Maybe a baby carrot? I can see that there are peas involved in these characters and possibly some broccoli but can't figure out what Mary and Joseph are either.
It is kind of cute if you are into vegetables with your religion but still. The whole thing just looks weird to me.
I did a little research on Veggietales characters and while it didn't help me in figuring out what kind of vegetable Jesus is, I do like this one even if he doesn't appear in the Nativity scene.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I Will Always Check The Boxes Now and Gross Food

Yesterday morning I went up to the nearby Walmart Neighborhood Market to get some groceries and the usual cat food. The Neighborhood Market is actually not a bad place to shop, it's not fancy and all clean looking like Vons or Albertsons but the prices are not Vons or Albertsons either. It's Walmart but without the packed parking lot like the Super Walmart. The Neighborhood Market is in a new shopping center with only a couple of other open businesses so for now the parking lot is practically empty and you can park right by the door.

I get my groceries, including a box of assorted cans of Friskies cat food, figuring it's easier to just grab a box than a bunch of cans that all need to be picked back up out of the shopping cart and onto the conveyor belt. One box versus 20 cans and also a bag or two is saved in not having to bag the big box of food.

I get to the checkout and there is a man in front of me and I smell something not so pleasant and I'm wondering if it's me or the man that stinks. I thought I had put on clean clothes that morning but was in a hurry to take Keith to work so I could have the car and don't think I remembered deodorant, but we are in Walmart which sometimes takes on a stink all it's own so who knows where the smell is coming from.

I get everything into the car and then realize that the car stinks, too, so maybe it is me and maybe I should change my clothes and put on that deodorant when I get home.

Then, as I'm getting things out of the car, I find that the box of cat food cans is wet on the bottom and maybe the conveyer belt had something wet on it or something has leaked onto the box. Then, as I'm carrying the box into the house I get an even stronger whiff of something really nasty and something is dripping out of the box of cat food. Okay, so one of the cans must have come open inside the box and now it smells like rotting meat (gag) and it's really bad and now I've got to dump out all of the cans into the sink and find the open one and wash all the rest off.

It was truly disgusting and while the box didn't look like it had suffered any damage, half of the cans inside were all dented and yes, one open one that had apparently been open for quite a while. Just my luck to get that particular box and I certainly won't be buying any boxes of canned cat food at Walmart again without checking it over real well first. Or just buy the single cans. Rotting cat food is not a good smell.

Later in the day I went over to the used book store to look for cookbooks, once again trying to come up with easy but tasty meals to cook, and I got a couple of old Taste of Home magazines. I found this recipe inside one of them.
Yum yum yum, some creamed grouse! On toast! Okay, I know that grouse is a game bird and as such probably tastes like chicken, but the name grouse just does not sound very appetizing to me. It's actually a very pretty bird as you can see in this picture I found and since I like chicken I don't see why I wouldn't eat a grouse except for the name.
And speaking of cooking and cookbooks, while perusing recipes online the other day I found a bunch for what they call dump cooking, specifically for chicken. Basically, you dump the chicken into a bag along with some sauce and then you freeze the bag for future baking. I tried one recipe last night for cranberry chicken which sounded really good because I like sweet foods and I like cranberry sauce, it was not good and I'm so glad I didn't package a bunch of bags of it up for the freezer.

The recipe is chicken breasts with a sauce made from a can of cranberry sauce, a bottle of Catalina salad dressing and a packet of onion soup mix and then you just bake it all, basting with the sauce occasionally. I'm sorry, though, but onion soup mix and catalina dressing and cranberry sauce DO NOT taste good all mixed together, plus it turns the chicken breasts pink. Not good at all and now I'm very hesitant to try any of the other dump chicken recipes that I found.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Visuals When You Hear Something On The Radio

The other morning I used the TV to listen to the Bob and Tom radio show. We used to have a radio in the kitchen but it was always full of static so hadn't listened to Bob and Tom in a long time at home, only hearing it on occasion in the car early in the morning. With our new TV we got apps like Netflix (love love love) Amazon and I Heart Radio. I turned on the I Heart Radio app and hey, now we can listen to Bob and Tom once again. They feature a lot of comedians and off beat stories and it's the kind of talk radio that you can listen to while cleaning your house and have a few laughs while doing so.

Anyway, they were talking about neon colored turkeys and Keith turned to me and said 'why would you want to eat purple turkey meat' which is exactly what I was thinking when hearing about dyed turkeys. It's not the meat that is dyed though (duh) but rather the feathers and apparently turkeys dyed in bright colors are quite the attraction at Gozzi's Turkey Farm in Guilford Connecticut. Who would have thought? And who thought to do this in the first place?
More like Easter turkeys.