Saturday, August 29, 2015

DirecTV But Now No TV

So, after 12 years of living in this house with no cable or satellite TV just an antenna (oh, the hardship!) we finally decided we could afford to get DirecTV installed. They have a new thing with AT&T now where you can get DirecTV through them and it all goes on your phone/internet bill. Handy, yes?

The guy came and installed it today. Millie was actually quite well behaved having strangers in the house and outside the house, she barked a few times but when I told her to stop and get in her chair, she did! She stayed out of the way and just kind of watched what was going on, even tried to sniff the guy's pant leg once. Mimi thought the box that the DVR receiver thing came in was pretty cool.

The perfect size for a kitty cat.

I played with the new remote, checking out some of the channels and I guess Saturday DirecTV is about the same as Saturday regular TV, just a bunch of crap on. I tried watching one of the shark shows and got bored in a few minutes, then watched a few minutes of the Kardashians show. I really don't understand why people would watch a bunch of vapid narcissistic women talking about nothing and showing off their clothes, besides the fact that the little bit I saw of it was really boring.

Now, our TV has been acting a bit funny for a few weeks, taking forever for the screen to come on and then some rolling before the picture comes on. We thought it might be branches from our tree blocking the signal to the antenna, so Keith trimmed those back the other day but that didn't fix it. Then we thought maybe the antenna itself was just wearing out, being out in the elements all day and night. But that wasn't it either as I found out tonight.

Since there was nothing on this evening either, I put a DVD in to watch, a show called Power that I started watching last night, all about drug dealers with lots of violence and all, a pretty good show that so far has sucked me in and I want to see what happens. I'm watching and all of a sudden the TV picture starts cutting in and out and rolling and I'm like Hey, what the heck? And then it just goes blank and the picture never comes back.

I think the TV is done.

It is older, we've had it for the entire 12 years that we've been here, so we'll have to see about getting a new one so we can enjoy our new DirecTV. They have come way down in price since we bought ours, you can get a huge off brand TV at Walmart for just a few hundred dollars but I think we'll go with a brand we've heard of. Not that we wanted to buy a new TV right now, but oh well, we're stuck with a contract for the DirecTV for 2 years and it would be nice to have something to watch it on.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Update Window Fixed for Now!

The car dealership finally called back, they would need to take the door panel off and see which part they need first and one of the parts that they might need is on back order and they have no idea when they would ever get one in. Also the free repair recall thing is over and done with, so we're talking about $400 to fix.

So...stopgap measure applied. Keith took the door panel off and cut a piece of wood to hold the window up and put the door panel back on. Ta Da! Fixed for now.

At least we aren't looking at any rain in the near (or far) future. The first time one of the windows broke was in the winter when we were expecting a huge rainstorm. Fortunately the car was at the dealership being fixed when the huge rainstorm arrived.

We could have put the car in the garage if rain were coming I suppose except there is no room in our garage for cars. It is full of tools and saws and workbenches and other such stuff, because isn't that what a garage is for?

Anyway, now I can go to the store to get something for dinner without worrying about our oh so valuable car getting stolen.

Reason 1001 To Not Wash Your Car

We are really really lazy about washing our car. We usually just wait for rain, which as any of you other Californians know, doesn't happen very often in these parts. So our car is usually very very dirty. And we really don't care all that much, at least not enough to wash the damn thing already!

I do clean the windows every once in awhile, usually after trying to drive somewhere with the sun at just the right angle to where I can't see where I'm going because of the filth and the window washer/wiper thing doesn't get it clean enough, but even that only happens a few times a year.

Yes, we are lazy when it comes to car cleanliness. Plus, we are supposed to be saving water so a dirty car is a sign of good water conservationists, right? Never mind that we are just too lazy to wash it.

Today, Keith decided to take the car to the Cruz Thru car wash around the corner because he was tired of the dirt, so off he went to get the car all shined up.

Now, a few years back our windows started to stop working in the car, where they would just go clunk and fall down into the door as you were trying to roll them up or down. The window issue was under a recall thing so as they  broke they were free to have fixed. Very inconvenient to have fixed, it taking a couple of days each time a window went, and us being with no car for those couple of days. Plus the dealership is clear across town, about 10 miles away. I can't remember exactly how many windows went over time, but the recall was good for a few years, so no cost to us to get them fixed, just inconvenience.

Well, today, as Keith was in line for the car wash, all ready to go through it, he went to roll up the back window which he always leaves cracked a little in the hopes the car won't get quite so hot when it's sitting out in the sun (doesn't work, but that is beside the point) the window went clunk and fell down into the door.

He can't go through the car wash with the window completely open but can't get back out of line, already being on the little pull your car through the car wash track, so the attendant had to shut off the car wash water and let the car run through the car wash with no water, and then Keith had to drive back around to get a refund on the car wash that didn't happen and how embarrassing that must have been.

He called the car dealership which of course didn't answer their phone but made him leave a message that nobody has returned yet about getting the window fixed which I'm sure is not covered under the recall anymore. For now, anyone who wants to get into the car has a open window just waiting for them! How convenient, and maybe someone will steal our car for us so we can get a different one that will probably have some other recall issue just waiting to happen.

Lesson learned, don't wash your car because bad things happen!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Millie is Keeping Us All Safe!

From stray bits of cat hair fuzz.

I was trying to clean bathrooms and such this morning and Millie was yap yap yapping in the back yard. I usually go out there to see what's up pretty quickly, but was busy so waited until I was finished, cringing with each yap because there is nothing worse than a dog owner ignoring their dog out there yapping. Sorry, neighbors!

I go out and there she is yapping at a bit of fuzzy cat fur on the patio. Bad cat fuzz!


Friday, August 14, 2015

House Envy

I knew I shouldn't have stopped and looked, I knew it would make our tiny house look even shabbier if I looked, but there is something about new houses and looking at model homes that I just can't resist. Never mind that I couldn't afford the furnishings in just one of the rooms in these houses let alone the actual house, it really is fun to look. Of course if I were ever rich enough to buy one of these houses, I certainly wouldn't want it to be in Bakersfield, but still, fun to look.

I was driving up to the post office, going what is kind of the back way in the hopes of less traffic, driving to the post office since I wanted to get some orders that came in this morning out before the weekend and it was too late to drop them at Office Depot for pickup. I haven't driven to the post office in a long time and was surprised to see an entire new neighborhood cropping up. A neighborhood complete with model homes. Yay! An 'upscale' neighborhood, meaning incredibly expensive at over $400,000 for a house. Who the heck buys these houses anyway, by my guess the payments would be somewhere around $5000 at minimum so you'd need to be making per year about what the house price is.

Anyway, on the way back from the post office I went and looked. I had heard of the new houses with a little 'mother in law' apartment as part of the house and one of the house models was that style. And it was nice and mother in law would be really lucky to live in it. The kitchen/living area was small, but it had 2 bedrooms and even a laundry closet. The house around it was absolutely huge, these houses being in the 3000 and up square footage range. Our house (including the garage I think) is 999 square feet. So just imagine our house times three and way way nicer.

I went through all 4 of them, drooling over how perfect they stage the houses, and if you want your house to look like the model, add on another $30,000 or so for the furniture. It reminds me of the huge dining table we saw when shopping for our measly little recliner chair and love seat, both of which barely fit in our living room. The table was like 12 feet long with 10 chairs and would have filled up our entire living room. It would go perfectly in one of the houses I looked at today though, with plenty of room to spare around the table.

So here is what just one of the houses looks like.

And a few pictures of the inside and furniture, direct from the Lennar homes website.
Living room. Some of the  houses had separate dens/living rooms in addition to the main living room/dining area.
Kitchen and separate dining room in the back there.
And this is the master bath.

Now, I would really not want a house quite this big because you'd spend all your time maintaining it, cleaning and mopping and taking care of that expensive furniture, but as Keith would say, if you can afford the house you can probably afford the cleaning lady that you let live in one of the smaller bedrooms or maybe the laundry room.