Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rest In Peace Little Lucy Cat

Well, I started this post to be kind of light and entertaining but not so much now.

I had started doing my light and entertaining post with this next paragraph and then was interrupted by a cat meowing and I thought it was Lucy looking for her breakfast. It was not Lucy, after looking for her this morning I just now found her dead in the neighbor's flower bed.

Here is how it happened.

Last night was not all that restful for me, first I was up a little later than usual helping Keith get off to work on a midnight train, making sure he had his thermos of extra caffeine tea (you can find these teabags at Walmart, called American Breakfast by Bigelow with 50% more caffeine and he says they really pack a punch) and some food for his trip. Then off to bed which takes a while to settle in when you have a little doggy that wants to get under the covers with you and way too close to you for comfort. I usually have to shift her over some at least once during the night and have a few times been awakened by paws pushing at me when I got a little too close to her for comfort. I finally get into a good sound sleep and them am jolted awake at 3:58am by Millie starting to bark and a big thud coming from the front of the outside of the house, almost like something had crashed into the  house.

I jump out of bed and look out of the window and there is a huge dog on the front patio. I wasn't about to go outside while that dog was out there so looked out the window in the front door and saw Lucy's chair that she sleeps in all knocked over. I waited a while to make sure the big dog was gone and then went out front to check on things and found one of the metal trellises in the flower bed bent over, apparently from a big dog crashing into it. I looked around for Lucy and didn't see her and then continued looking this morning but couldn't find her. I was wondering if the dog had gotten her and yes, it did. I didn't hear any cat noises while all this was going on last night so hopefully it was a quick shake of the neck and instant death, her body didn't have any blood on it or any bites on it.

I found a big plastic box to put her in and wrapped her in her blanket after picking her up with a shovel (ick). Poor thing.

Millie woke me up three more times last night with barking in the window so I think that big dog kind of shook her up too and she kept hearing noises thinking that the dog had come back.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Yes We Are Still Alive

We are just so incredibly boring that I haven't had anything to post about. Seriously.

We really haven't done much of anything, just the usual Keith going to work and me cleaning up cat poo and picking up dog toys. Since the doggy door went in the cats have been outside a whole lot, Buddy even taking over Genie's Igloo house, totally enjoying lazing about inside it, and one day getting in her sleeping box in the old cat stand that she spends most of her time on. Everything belongs to Buddy because he is the King Of The Back Yard. None of them have made any attempt to do any climbing fences (good, no escapees) and just sort of wander about a bit and lay about a lot. Since I put the bird feeder in the front yard there have been no more catching and bringing into the house of birds. Buddy still sits under the bird feeder that hangs in the tree out back but it's too high for him to reach those birds.

We had tried the bird feeder out front once before and no birds ever came but this time all the little birds and some of the big doves found it within a day and they've been happily eating all the seeds ever since. You can see it from the front room window so I can watch them if I'm working at my little desk that sits right by the window.

We got some new plants for the front flower bed, the white daisies that had gotten so huge were starting to die off so I pulled them all out and we finally filled in around the tree. The little tree that we were wondering whether or not it had survived the winter because it took so long to leaf. It finally did in what seemed like an overnight event, no leaves one day and leaves the next.

The weather has been nice, as it usually is in spring here, but give it another month or two and I can start complaining about the heat.

And that is about all that is going on around here. 

I do have a really good egg salad recipe that I will share tomorrow or whenever and have been doing a bit more cooking, like tonight when even though I was eating alone I tried a recipe for Paprika Beef and even cooked some carrots to go with it. I'm trying to do more vegetables in my diet and so far have done okay with it the last couple of days. My goal is at least 3 servings a day... and we will see how that goes.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

In and Out

The doggy door. It's not actually finished, Keith still needs to put some weather stripping between the door and the slider and also put in a new latch so we can lock the slider. It's really nice not to have to get up and open the door multiple times a day for cats or dog to go in and out. Harri finally figured out how to go out it yesterday but hasn't quite got the hang of coming back in. It's got magnets on the bottom of the flap to keep it closed and I think the clinking of the magnets throws them off. They are used to a solid door like the one that goes into the garage rather than a flexible door.

The people door to the outside is smaller now so we'd better not get any fatter or we won't be able to go outside!

It finally rained yesterday afternoon but not enough to make much of a difference here, I can tell how much rain we are getting by whether or not it gets wet on the front patio under the tree and it did not get wet under there so not much rain. That's probably it for this year, too.

We are not going to water our grass at all this summer but will keep the flower beds we worked so hard on watered. Most of the plants are drought resistant, so they don't need constant watering. I took some of them out yesterday, the white daisy plants were starting to die off and also had taken over the flower bed, crowding the rest of them out. I still can't believe how huge they got, they started out as those little six pack flowers.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Buddy The Bird Killer

Maybe putting in that doggy door wasn't such a great idea. Buddy brought his second kill into the house this morning, freaking me and everyone else out a bit. I heard commotion out by the bird feeder which is actually a bird bath up on some cement paving stones that was supposed to be high enough to keep the cats from catching the birds. After hearing the commotion here comes Buddy with a bird in his mouth down the hallway into the bedroom. I chased him out into the living room, bird still in his mouth but instead of him going out the now open back door, he went through the doggy/cat door into the garage. I shut that door and opened up the big garage door hoping the bird could get away and fly out.

Nope, after a while Buddy was trying to come back in the house, looking at me from the small hole in the wooden slide thing that we put down in front of the doggy/cat door, hey let me in! I went out the front door and into the garage and picked him up to come back in the house which he was not very happy about. I found the now dead bird laying inside the garage right by the doggy/cat door, so I'm sure if I'd opened that doggy/cat door, dead bird would have come with Buddy into the house.

I've vacuumed up the bird feathers and have moved the bird feeder to the front yard so that Buddy will be thwarted in his future efforts to catch birds. Hopefully the birds will figure it out and come around front.

We are supposed to get some much needed rain today but so far there are just blue skies and rather chilly wind. We got a little spoiled with such summery weather the past few weeks that it seems strange to want to put on a sweater again.

Joe had to go back out onto the road yesterday since someone with more seniority bumped him off of his yard job. He has to do a couple of familiarization rides with another engineer in the cab since he's been off for over 6 months. As it happened, Keith got his call to go out last evening, called Joe to ask him a question and then they realized that they were both on the same train! They had a good ride and are now in Barstow and will come back tonight.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Dumb Cat and Barking Dog

Sounds kind of like yoga poses, right?

My cats are not the sharpest crayons in the box, but after all they are cats with tiny brains, so you can't expect too much. The other night I had let everyone out the back door to wander about like they always do. I got them all rounded up and into the house, all except for Buddy who sometimes likes to stay out a bit longer. I started to wonder where he was and went out to call him, Millie following along and barking because that's what she does at night, bark bark bark because she can't see what is out there and it's all a little scary. I called Buddy and heard a few answering meows, which was strange in itself because he is not a meow for no reason kind of cat. The meows sounded far away and I started to worry that he'd been brave enough to climb a fence and gotten into someone else's yard or was hurt or stuck somewhere.

I got the flashlight and looked all around the yard, still hearing his meow but not seeing him. Then I looked up and there he was on top of the wood patio structure, the structure that Keith had just put the sunshade back on, leaving the ladder where it stood. Keith is not good about putting things away and I have visions of what this house and yard would look like if I weren't here to constantly put things away for him.

Buddy had gotten up there, by the ladder I presuming and couldn't figure out how to get back down, again, not being the sharpest crayon in the box.

For about 30 minutes I was out in the back yard in my nightgown and pink crocs, moving the ladder around trying to get him to come back down on it, putting treats on the top step of the ladder, all to no avail. I finally climbed all the way up the ladder and grabbed him to carry him back down. It was a little precarious and I'm really glad I didn't fall off the ladder, holding onto a big wriggling cat coming back down that thing.

He was not appreciative of my efforts, all cranky and snarling at the other cats when I put him back in the house. He may look like a big tough tabby, but is really a big scaredy pussycat.

I did take the ladder down so this ordeal would not be repeated.

Millie barked the entire time I was trying to rescue the cat.

I did think about calling the fire department but didn't think they would appreciate that too much.