Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's Cold Outside

Brrr. At least brrr for these parts. We had a little rain last night and there is a cold wind blowing and they actually closed the interstate over the mountains for a while today because of snow. They were escorting people over this morning and then I guess they got tired of that so just closed the whole thing down. Good thing we didn't need to get to LA today, not that we usually do need to get there.

Quiet day for us, I've been reading on the couch most of the day while first Keith was looking at jobs on the internet, then napping, then finally starting on painting the trim in the kitchen. Finally! It's taken him all week to do the prep in order to paint. Slow going. I would have had the trim painted all in one day, but that's just me, screw the prep work, slap that paint on!

It will probably be another week before it is all finished.

We finally caught the big white bruiser of a cat that has been running around the neighborhood for about two years now, fathering multiple kittens and eating Lucy's food. He was too smart to go into the trap, so I read about how you get the cat used to the trap by putting food into it just inside the door and then slowly moving it further and further in. He hadn't been around as much since Lucy has been spending her nights in the garage, I used to go out and feed her early in the morning and see him sitting across the street biding his time until I went back in the house, and then scurrying over to see if there were any leftovers.

Last night Keith had put food in the trap and this morning I just happen to see his tail poking out of the trap as he checked to see if any was left, which there wasn't because he had eaten it last night and then the rain filled the bowl up with water. We filled it with food again and then this time put it way inside the trap where he would get caught this time if he went in there.

Hours go by with nothing disturbed so I kind of forgot about it and then about 2pm go outside past the trap and realize that the cat is in there staring up at me. And then I felt bad. But not bad enough to let him out of the trap, off to the pound he went! So, one less cat wandering the neighborhood and hopefully less new kittens running around this spring.

We did get out of the house yesterday afternoon and went to the movies, using 2 of the free tickets (thanks Jennifer!) that we have been saving for a good movie viewing opportunity. We went to see the latest Bond movie, Skyfall, which was fun to watch. I like going to movies well after they are released when everyone else has already seen them, and on an off day in the middle of the afternoon. Besides us there were 5 other people in the whole theater.

It was very cold in there however, and of course I had to get up and go to the bathroom halfway through, no pause buttons at the movie theater!

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