Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Birds and Dentists

I'm getting so lax about posting on this blog, it's difficult when Keith is home all day to come in here and write anything. He used to think that was all I did all day, sit at the computer, but since he's been home he realizes exactly how much I do each day (or at least most days, I still have my extra lazy days) and sees that my computer time is limited to just a few hours. In fact, I couldn't get anywhere near the computer the other day because he discovered YouTube and the millions of videos therein and spent almost an entire day watching videos. Access to that kind of stuff can certainly be a time suck, can't it?

Anyway, we are still here, we are still boring, and he is still unemployed.

This morning I was out front and one of our beautiful blue scrub jays landed in the yard looking for some good bugs or whatever scrub jays eat, and while I was admiring him in the sunshine, a medium sized brown bird came flying over the yard and landed on the very edge of the garage roof. I looked up at him just in time to see him take a rather large poop (for a bird anyway) right on the corner of the roof. Nice.

At least he didn't poop on me, which did happen to me once while I was riding my bike by the beach in Ventura. Seagull attack.

I went to the dentist yesterday for my 6 month checkup, after having called them to see how much it was with no insurance, and they said $59.00 so I was thinking that was sort of affordable, and went to my appointment. Where they told me it would be $236.00 or something outrageous like that, I don't remember the exact amount because I was stunned speechless. The $59.00 is an introductory one time only thing that I had used up already when I had my visit for my toothache thing. So, needless to say, I did not pay the $236.00 or whatever it was and did not get my checkup. I was told about a dental plan that costs $135.00 a year for the two of us and includes checkups and x-rays twice a year. No cleanings though, that is another $75.00 for the basic, and $95.00 for my deep cleanings that I need. Without insurance or the dental plan, my deep cleanings would be who knows how much, probably around $300.00, so....I think the dental plan thing will be worth it. The prices are about what you would pay with a real insurance plan, so maybe we won't even buy dental insurance after Keith goes back to work, just stick with the $135.00 a year for about the same services.

Keith's appointment was today, and since I bought the dental plan he only had to pay for the cleaning, which really was a waste of money because for some reason he has really clean teeth for someone whose dental hygiene habits are nothing extraordinary,  just brushing in the morning and before bed. He has one tiny cavity that they wanted to fill, but he said to wait on that, and they wanted to fix the poorly fitting crown that was the reason we fired the other dentist, and he said no to that. They still made him sit in the chair while they worked up the costs on those and by then he was getting a little annoyed because he kept trying to tell them that he doesn't have a job and no, he can't afford a $1000.00 crown today. Which they responded with how about our payment plan?

He said he felt like he was on a used car lot. Sell, sell, sell! I know that the dental office has to pay for all that shiny state of the art equipment and all, but come on already! If someone is on unemployment, is it really wise for them to go into debt for dental work that can wait until a new job is had?

Anyway, I did reschedule my appointment for later this month now that it won't cost $236.00 or whatever it was, and we'll see how many other things they try to sell to me.

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