Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mimi in the Dropcloth and Another Rather Dull Week

It's been a rather boring week around here. In between looking at YouTube videos, Keith has been slowly, oh so slowly, working on the kitchen. I was trying to remember how many years ago he started on the kitchen, moving the island and building the shelves, then putting in the floor, and it has to be at least 5 or 6 years since the beginning. Why didn't the other half ever get finished in all this time? Not enough nagging at him?

I don't know but I sure hope it's finished by the end of this weekend, I'd really like to have some doors back on my laundry closet so I don't have to look at the washer and dryer all the time anymore. You get used to no doors on the laundry closet, but it's kind of embarrassing to keep explaining to people who come in the house, year after year, that it's a work in progress. Year after year after year.

So, this morning Mimi found that the dropcloth Keith has been using while painting was perfectly arranged to make a little bed for her. Mimi, the queen of laying on anything that is laying anywhere. Clothes, vacuum cleaner cords, towels on the counter, papers on the counter. Anything laying anywhere demands to be sat upon in her world.

It's been a boring week as I might have already said. We've watched a couple of movies from the Red Box, catching up on all the movies we said we'd go see at the theater and then never did. We saw Hugo last weekend, and while it was an enjoyable movie, I kept wondering why people who lived in Paris kept talking with English accents.

I've read 5 or 6 books this week along with catching up on movies. I had gotten a book at the cheap Goodwill bookstore before the holidays and loved the author, so after Christmas I spent my gift money on Amazon finding all the other books by the same woman, got them in the past few weeks, and have read every single one of them. I love when I find a good book and then find that every single other book by that person is just as good. But it's kind of disappointing when I've finished reading them all and there are no more.

I've got stacks and stacks of Goodwill books in the bedroom, waiting to be read, and one of the best things about buying cheap books is that if you don't like the book all that much and it's not really luring you in and you don't really care what happens to the characters, you don't feel guilty about spending a bunch of money on a book that you don't really want to read. It's less than a cup of coffee, so you just toss the unfinished book into a bag and then give it back to Goodwill for another recycle.

Business is excruciatingly slow right now, so I don't feel like working on anything new. I did my books for the year and really didn't make any money at all, so it looks like my little business will be relegated to hobby status.

Anyway, not much going on around here but if the kitchen does get finished, pictures of that to come.

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