Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's Fall?

We had an absolutely beautiful day here yesterday, and today promises more of the same. Until this weekend when it's supposed to get back up into the 90's anyway.

I had the windows open all day and the a/c turned off and the breezes were breezing and it was very pleasant up until the gardeners started up with the lawn mowers and leaf blowers. We can't afford a gardener but every other person in the neighborhood can so our yard always looks a little scruffy while everyone else has a perfectly manicured lawn. Noisily perfectly manicured that is.

I've been looking forward to the new fall season on TV- yes I am BORING! However, the shows that I am interested are on opposite each other while the rest of TV land is filled up with crap like The Biggest Loser which I'm sorry, I can't watch fat people being tortured and abused.

The new show Lone Star looks good, and we really enjoyed Raising Hope but the show that came on after Raising Hope was just painful to watch, so we turned that one off. The new cop show Detroit 187 shows some promise, and I liked the new Defenders that was on last night. Can't wait for the premiere of The Big Bang Theory tonight, but why oh why did they have to put it on opposite The Office? Arghh.

Okay, enough about TV.

But there is not much else to talk about. Because we are BORING.

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Jennifer said...

I watched the new Hawaii Five-O the other night and I really liked it. I havent watched any of the other new tv shows yet.