Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cats and How's the Diet Going, Anyway?

We really are nice neighbors. We mind our own business except when the couple across the street from us provide us with entertainment by screaming at each other in their garage and we can hear them even with the garage door shut, and we say hi to the strange guy who we think is possibly a little Aspergers because he won't make eye contact when we do say hi to him, and we don't mind that our new neighbors right next door have six outdoor cats who like to hang around our yard.

Most neighbors wouldn't be quite so forgiving of cats that use their yard as a freeway and giant litter box.

The neighbors are two women that we think might be 'special friends' if you get my drift, and they have a little boy who is maybe going on two. They don't keep their cats in the house because of the cat litter and the little boy playing in the cat litter or something like that. So, all six cats live in the garage and our yard. They keep the garage door propped open so that they can come and go, and go they do. In our yard.

They started out with five cats, one really really old white cat who is very friendly but is so old that she can't meow anymore, she tries to meow and it just comes out like a gravelly squeak, and one little ginger cat that is not afraid of anything, not even the fireworks on the Fourth of July made her blink, and one gray cat that is curious but very timid, one calico that will let Keith pet her but not me, and one cat that looks just like Lucy and every time I see her I think Lucy has gotten out.

And then they got two more cats, something about going camping for the weekend and meeting some people who had these cats that they needed to give away so of course these two women brought them home. One solid black and one Siamese, both about 8 months old or so.

Well, about 3 weeks later the black cat got hit by a car right in front of the house, so now they are at 6 cats and I'm really surprised that nobody else has gotten hit yet. Yet.

And here is another instance of our good neighborliness. Keith got the shovel out and helped the neighbors clean up the dead cat. Now that is a good neighbor.

And on the diet front. I'm already bored with it and am having a hard time thinking of what the heck to eat. Yesterday I had soup for lunch and was starving about an hour later because vegetable soup just doesn't quite do it for me when there is no bread involved. Then last night I convinced Keith to make us some omelettes because he is the omelette maker around here, I get impatient and just make scrambled eggs. The omelettes were good, he put some ham, cheese, and bell pepper in there, kind of like a Denver omelette I suppose, and for the first time in a week I actually had bread in the form of an english muffin with my omelette.

I'm getting discouraged, though, because even with watching everything I eat and the no bread, potatoes, rice, or pasta thing, that scale has not moved. So maybe I'm just going to stay fat but still hungry.

My spell check keeps telling me that I am spelling omelette wrong.

So, I just googled it and it's supposed to be omelet. But omelette looks way fancier and kind of French.

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Anonymous said...

french and fancy is more fun anyways! maybe go for walks instead of cutting out carbs? I would die if I couldn't eat bread once in a while... ♥

and goodness all those cats. you are nice neighbors if you don't mind they are using your yard for the umm... yeah...