Monday, September 27, 2010

Just Stuff

We are supposed to have our last heat wave of the year this week. I am so ready for sweater weather if only so I can start complaining about how cold I am instead of how hot.

Yesterday we pulled our morning glory vine out of the front flower bed. It was getting just way too creepy and was infested with some tiny flying bugs and the leaves were all eaten up and it was huge and grabbing onto anything that walked by, so into the green waste can it went. I'm now afraid that it will creep out from the green waste can and into our bedroom window in revenge. I am also afraid of the spider that will be coming for revenge. I had my hand out to open the front door the other day and there was a HUGE spider right by the doorknob just waiting to get into the house. I swatted at it with the mail that was in my hand BUT IT KEPT COMING AT ME so I kept swatting and swatting until I had swatted it into the yard. I found a spider egg sac on a morning glory leaf as we were cutting it down so now the spider is wondering where it's babies are and I'm pretty sure the spider will be coming to get us, too.

But the flower bed looks way better not having a rambling bug infested half eaten morning glory vine in it.

That was about all we got done this weekend other than the usual grocery shopping and laundry and stuff.

And here is why people don't go to the doctor even if they have insurance. $185.00 for blood work even after the insurance adjustment. And that's just the bill for me, we haven't gotten the one for Keith yet, but according to the explanation of benefits we got from the insurance company for him, the bill will probably be in today's mail for another $185.00 or so. And that is exactly why routine doctor's visits get put off for months and months.

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