Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Senior Moment

You know that you are a senior citizen when you are seriously considering buying one of those little pill sorter day of the week boxes to organize your pill taking. I am now on not one, not two, but three meds and it may get a little confusing. Not to mention the numerous bottles of vitamins and fish oil pills, etc.

I've been pretty used to taking my blood pressure and thyroid pills first thing in the morning, making sure I haven't eaten yet and won't for another hour or so (thyroid pills need an empty stomach) and drinking a full glass of water (thyroid pills also need a full glass of water). But now I've got to remember to take my new cholesterol pills at bedtime. Does it have to be the exact same time each night? Should I set my alarm for 10 pm which isn't exactly bedtime but pretty close? I'm doing good to remember to put coffee and water in the coffee pot each night so Keith can just flip it on in the morning, will I remember to add in taking a pill along with filling up that coffee pot? Should I put the pill bottle on the bedside table with some big flashing lights next to it so that as I'm stumbling into bed I'll remember to take my pill?

And speaking of senior moments, the other night I was going to heat up some water for my evening green tea, so I pulled the pyrex measuring cup out of the cupboard next to the microwave where I keep the measuring cup handy for tea making, filled it up with water, and then proceeded to put it back into the cupboard by the microwave still full of water.

Last night we had a good low carb dinner, some bbq baked chicken breasts and some wonderful butternut squash with a spray of that buttery flavor no cal spray stuff and some splenda brown sugar on it. The squash was SO GOOD! and so EASY TO COOK! except that I make Keith cut it open because butternut squash is hard to cut open and you have to use a giant sized knife which scares me. All you do is put it cut side down in a baking pan with 1/2" of water, and bake away for about 45 minutes at 375. Baking it right along side the chicken. We also have an acorn squash waiting in the fridge for another night. Yum. And filling, too. And fibery.

The good thing about BOTH of us needing to lower our cholesterol and watch our blood sugar is that we are kind of in this together, both needing to be on the same eating plan. It's making it much easier to plan a dinner since one of us won't be sitting there eating mashed potatoes and sneering at the other because they can't have any delicious mashed potatoes. Although Keith did eat some potato chips left over from pre-diet days last night. But it didn't bother me, really it didn't!

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