Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bionic Kitty Ears and Almonds and Other Fun Snacks

While doing our little bit of grocery shopping this weekend, little because we were on a really really really tight budget and no, you can't have that and you can't have that because we can't afford it this week, we looked around the crunchy granola organic section of Save Mart and found a few healthy low carb diet friendly products to try.

First off I found this big bag of almonds at a fairly reasonable price of $6.99. Almonds are expensive but you get a lot in this bag and they are grown right here in CA so I'm helping out the almond growers here in our state, and almonds are a good for you snack and they have lots of good things inside them. These are Golden Gate brand, and all that is in them is almonds, olive oil, and sea salt. No spray on flavors or weird tasting preservatives. Just roasted almonds. Packed in Ripon, CA, which I don't know where that is and I'm too lazy to google it right now, but wherever Ripon CA is, these are by far the best tasting almonds I've ever tried! No, I did not get any free almonds for my testimonial, but if the Golden Gate Nut Company would like to SEND me some free almonds I certainly wouldn't turn them down.

So, now we've got almonds, but the handy dandy reclosable bag that they come in sounds EXACTLY like the bag that the cat treats come in and all I have to do is barely touch the cat treat bag and in a split second I have six cats milling about waiting for their treats. So last night I was really hungry and thought I'd have some almonds and had to give six cats their treats not once but twice because after my first handful of almonds I went back for more. Today I will put the almonds into some other container so that I can eat them without six cats thinking I am eating their treats.

I found a few more snacks we tried. These granola bars are made by Nature's Path, and they are organic, have lots of whole grain in them, and omega 3's and have some protein and are low sodium, and dang, do these taste good! We tried the pumpkin-n-spice flavor first, then the next day I went back for the apricot and yogurt ones. They also make other flavors but Save Mart only has these two kinds. Very very tasty, and again, Nature's Path, free ones would be just fine. These are a little more expensive than most granola bars, but for the quality and taste and lack of junky stuff in them, pretty much worth the price.

Then I found a bunch of these bars made by Kind, about 6 or 7 different flavors, and the low glycemic index and 5g of fiber made me want to try these. They are also gluten and wheat free, low sodium and no sulphur dioxide. They are a little pricey at about $1.59 each, but dang, are these good! Good like candy bar good! I had one that had pineapple and coconut in it and it was yummy indeed.

We were also looking for lemonade for Keith, the doctor told him to drink a glass a day but I forget what for, something about acid? I don't know, but as we are reading the ingredients in the lemonades, and yes, we could make our own, but come on now, I'm LAZY like that, we find that all of them are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. Not good. We found this Simply Lemonade that is simply that, lemonade made with real sugar. And it's good, a little tart, but good. A little more expensive than the corn syrupy lemonades, but again, worth it.

Moral of the story? Sometimes it's good to pay a little more when it comes to eating healthier.


Jennifer said...

They carry simply orange juice at Target and its cheaper than the grocery store. They may have the lemonade one too. I buy a lot of snacks at target because its cheaper.

Meghan said...

Simply lemonade is the BEST!!!! :)