Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Bakersfield Moment

This story was all over the news last night. Parenting at its best here.

DELANO, Calif. -- A pair of parents didn't realize they were missing their child until they watched TV the next morning and saw the boy's picture on the news.

The boy, who hasn't been identified, was reportedly left alone Tuesday night at a Pizza Hut in Delano, California. Someone saw the boy and took him to police, who, in turn, released his photo to the media in an effort to find his parents.

Police said the parents claimed the boy Wednesday morning after seeing him on TV and checking to see if they were missing any of their seven children. The child is reportedly a twin.

The case is under investigation.

Oh, my. Apparently since the child, who is only three, is a twin, I guess when they saw the other twin they just figured they had all their kids. I can see forgetting a child or two here and there when you are obviously a little challenged with so many kids, but all night long? Until the next day when you see your kid's picture on the news? Wonder what would have happened if they hadn't been watching the news? Weeks going by before they realized that hey, somebody is missing here?



Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Some people should not have children. Well, actually a LOT of people should not have children.

Jennifer said...

HAHA!! That is one funny story! I am personally amazed that the Duggars have not missplaced or forgotten any of their 18 or 19 kids. Yep a lot of people should not have children!!!!

DancingMooney ♥ said...

yeah. how they didn't notice an empty bed in the house is beyond me. OY!