Sunday, September 27, 2009


We are trying to think of something to do today. I've even googled things to do in Bakersfield and come up with a whole lot of not much. Apparently one of the biggest highlights of Bakersfield is the museum at Buck Owens Crystal Palace. It's going to be 102 today, so we are thinking that an outdoor activity maybe isn't such a good idea. And everything we can think of to do outdoors involves lots of driving to get there.

Drive up to Tehachapi and wander around? Drive over to Lake Ming and wander around? Drive up to the Sequoias and wander around? It's too hot to drive anywhere and we don't have the gas to waste, so I think we'll wait until the weather cools off and we can afford the gas to go somewhere. Damn, this town is boring.

So, Keith is napping and I'm going to share a Zibbet shop with you.

This is ValZderoArtJewellery, and no jewelry is not spelled wrong, she is from Australia and that is how they spell jewellery down there.

She paints and makes jewelry/jewellery with her artwork. This is called Woodland Spirit.

So pretty!

This necklace is made with her artwork, she puts it in a silver pendant tray and seals it with a glaze.

You can find her shop here:


SleightGirl said...

Beautiful artwork! And that pendant is just gorgeous!

PussDaddy said...

I love that woodland spirit!