Saturday, September 26, 2009

It was Pepper

Who left the poop on the bathroom rug. Keith also found some in the garage and not in the litter box, either. I was wondering which cat was the culprit and was sorting some laundry on the bed when Pepper jumped up into the clean laundry and got really really cranky when I tried to move her, hissing and snarling at me. She's kind of cranky all the time, but this was extra crankiness along with trying to scratch me. She scooted along the bed and as she scooted she left a trail of runny poop. Ugh. Well, I needed to wash the sheets anyway, but I would have rather not had to wash them because of cat poop. Then out in the living room I found Pepper poop on not one but both of our chair pads on our metal dining chairs. Ugh. Good thing the pads come off and are washable and they're kind of old and stained and I don't really like them much anyway.

I didn't find any more poop around the house, but could tell that she wasn't feeling well and she spent a lot of time trying to clean her bottom, licking and licking, I think her bottom is a little raw and sore. She also hid under the entertainment center most of the rest of the day and night, only coming out to eat because no matter what she never misses a meal.

So, today she seems like she feels a little better, and I haven't found any surprises yet, so I'm hoping it's nothing that needs a trip to the vet and she'll get back to her usual just a little on the cranky side self soon.

And Keith's doctor just told him that his arm and elbow are basically just worn out and there is not much they can do other than resting it, icing it, and taking motrin. He went for an x-ray just to make sure there aren't any fractures or whatever else and the doctor gave him a shot of cortisone, but there isn't any surgery or anything else that will really fix it, he's just going to have to live with it. He's supposed to be on light duty at work for 2 weeks, ha ha, there is no light duty at his work, and he'd like to get into another line of work that doesn't screw up your elbows as much, but there is no other line of work right now, so...

He's taking it easy this weekend and we'll see if the cortisone and motrin help.

And, other than that another hot boring weekend around here.

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