Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The weather is finally cooling off! Today is only supposed to be around 82 and right now it's positively chilly at 63. Yesterday was 99. What a difference!

Did you know that the White House is on Flickr? Neither did I but I'm thinking that this is the first presidency to do so, along with tweeting and blackberrying and all that stuff.

We've been watching the Ken Burns National Parks film on PBS. It's been a while since I've seen one of his films and I'd kind of forgotten about his style of including interviews and lots of still photos but it's pretty interesting so far, except that we don't get that channel in all that clear so it's like watching it on TV back when all we had were rabbit ear antennas, which is about what we have, the picture rolls a little and is kind of staticy. We've all heard of Yosemite and Yellowstone but not how they became National Parks and how they probably would have been completely ruined if they hadn't been protected. Watching it makes me hope that someday I can go visit all of them. I've been to the Grand Canyon and Yosemite and Sequoia but would love to see more. We were watching a commercial for a local RV seller and talking about how fun that would be to travel around the country in a little RV, staying in Walmart parking lots for free, and the best part is having a toilet RIGHT IN YOUR VEHICLE! Someday, maybe we can do something like that.

Speaking of TV, after they all went digital we lost CBS for some reason, the channel here that used to be CBS is nowhere to be found when we browse for digital channels on our fancy digital TV. So, our choices are limited to NBC and ABC and FOX. We're probably not missing much and we're not about to pay for cable. We rented a couple of movies last weekend including the first part of the HBO mini series Generation Kill about the war in Iraq. Great show and we can't wait to rent the rest of it. We also rented Seth Rogen's Observe and Report and it was so stupid I couldn't watch all of it. Don't bother with that one.

One of our trees was destroyed overnight by caterpillars. Keith went out into the backyard on Sunday and our little non flowering plum looked like it was dead and then he sees it covered in big fat green caterpillars. He sprayed it with some oily bug spray stuff and all the caterpillars started dropping off the tree, kind of like bungeeing with strands of their silk cocoon stuff coming out of the ends of them lowering them to the ground. It was really creepy. He checked the other trees and found more on our plum and peach trees, they were just little tiny ones and were preparing to eat those trees so that they could also get big and fat. Ick.

And, if you have been thinking about trying out Artfire but didn't want to pay the 12.00 a month for unlimited listings, they are offering free unlimited listings for the holidays. I was debating whether to downgrade my account, I had upgraded it the beginning of the month just to give them another try and see if things worked out there, but the main reason I upgraded was just to list more, I don't care about the 'perks' like facebook kiosks and customization, so I am going to go with the free account for the rest of the year and see what happens. $12.00 is way less than I pay on Etsy, but Etsy also has way more traffic and customers.

And that's about it in our exciting world here in Bakersfield.

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