Sunday, April 3, 2016

Still Boring But at Least the Weather is Nice!

These months of spring are the most liveable here in hot dry (and cold in the winter) Bakersfield. For a few months we can open up the windows and enjoy the yard before it gets too hot to step outside the air conditioning.

Millie is being trained to stay in the front yard with us, not running off after stray cats or kids on bikes and she is doing pretty well with it. She will still bark at someone walking down the street (how DARE they!) but after a few 'NOs' she is learning to not get quite so excited and protective. The afternoons have been so nice that I've spent quite a few hours sitting out there with her while enjoying some iced tea and a book.

We moved our metal glider out into the yard under the tree where it looks inviting but unfortunately is not all that comfortable to sit on for very long, so I get one of the plastic chairs instead.
As you can see our grass is already starting to get brown since we don't water it, not wanting to waste the water and also being too lazy to water. Our automatic sprinklers don't work so watering is kind of a chore and since we are supposed to be conserving anyway, a chore that doesn't have to get done!

The sunshine feels so good to a little dog!
Other than sitting in the yard and reading, we are our usual boring selves. We haven't done much of anything other than Keith going to work and me cleaning up after animals. The cats spend a lot of time in the backyard so they continually bring leaves and dirt back inside with them, Harri being the worst because she likes to lay in the dirt. We don't have grass in the back  yard, just weeds that we cut down with the weed whacker every once in awhile and lots of dirt and leaves from all the trees back there. Keith did buy a not so noisy battery operated leaf blower that works very well to keep the patio part of the yard a little cleaner, but you can't really use it on the weeds/dirt area. Sure is faster and much more efficient than trying to sweep up out there, though!

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