Monday, March 21, 2016

Roasted Chicken Breasts and No Cancer!

Keith had some blood in his um...stool when we went in for our annual physicals in early February so the gastro doctor's office actually called him to schedule a colonoscopy, which he was due for this year anyway, having to go in for one every 2-3 years since his cancer surgery. Fun fun fun.

So, he did his prep last week which was actually the easiest prep yet in terms of how much stuff you have to drink, enemas, etc. The doctor's office has changed things to where now it's 4 super strength Exlax pills and 2 doses of Suprep that you only have to mix with 16oz of water rather than a huge jug of stuff like in previous colonoscopies. Not to mention the enemas. Most people who are getting colonoscopies are older and they found that the harsh regimen was just not doable by some of those people, causing vomiting etc. So, a little easier these days as far as the prep. And no enemas.

They have also changed how they schedule the appointments, the doctor he goes to always did first come first serve, so they would have everyone show up at the same time and then you would wait and wait and wait and wait. Ridiculous, really, so I'm really glad they changed that, too. His appointment time was at 12:30, he was told he'd be there about 2 hours, and it was almost exactly 2 hours later when he was able to leave. And, good news, no cancer! Just a few polyps which the doctor thought were the benign type and not precancerous but they will be tested anyway just in case.

Keith was quite relieved, having worried quite a bit that he might lose more of his colon, as was I.

Now for the roasted chicken breasts.

I have been buying the boneless chicken breasts for years now, being so versatile and easy to fix, but Keith had bought some seasoned bone in chicken breasts so I was researching how we wanted to cook them and came across a roasted chicken breast recipe and yum, did the breasts come out good, tasting a lot like the rotisserie chickens that you can buy already cooked at the store.

You can season the chicken breasts any way you want, the recipe I found was just some olive oil and salt and pepper. You put the breasts on a cookie sheet or pan covered with foil for the easy clean up, season them however you want, then bake at 375 for 45 minutes or so, depending on the size of the breasts. Then, cover them with some foil and let them sit for about 10 minutes and done, ready to eat.

If you are wanting cooked chicken to use in other recipes, soup, enchiladas, pot pie, whatever, I think this is probably the best way to cook chicken for those recipes that I've found so far.

And it's so easy!

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