Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Is That a Homeless Guy Sleeping in the Grass?

This morning Keith got home from work and while I ran a few errands he said he would take Millie for a walk. She knows what the word 'walk' means and you seriously have to spell it out in front of her so she doesn't get all excited. You can't say walk and then not do it RIGHT THAT MINUTE! So not fair.

She also knows the word 'outside' and that it means we get to go out in the front yard for an hour or so. She has been behaving herself really well while out front, if she starts to wander into the neighbor's yard she will reluctantly come back after a 'Millie' and a point to where she is supposed to be. We have a few stray cats that like to sleep under our big daisy bushes so the first thing she does when she goes 'outside' is to go stick her nose into those daisy bushes to see if there is an OMG! KITTY CAT! under one of them. There sometimes is and the cat goes running and Millie is very good about just watching it go instead of chasing after it after a few times of getting in trouble for doing just that. It's funny that seeing a cat in the yard from inside the house sets her off in a tizzy of barking and growling but if she is outside then she doesn't go as nuts about the whole cats in the yard thing.

Anyway, while I was gone Keith took her for a walk and his idea of a walk is no leash around the neighborhood then a carry across the street and over to the big grassy area behind the Home Depot store. He watches her very carefully and she knows that when he whistles it's time to go to papa.

I ran my errands and then drove back home along the street by the big grassy area, thinking I might see the two of them. I saw a man laying in the grass and at first thought it was a homeless guy taking a nap and then realized that wait a minute, that is not a homeless man, that is Keith laying there and there is Millie wandering about by him.

I swung around and went down the alley between the grass and Home Depot, thinking they might want a ride home, which they did. I was glad he took her for a little outing, she gets a little sad each time he leaves for work and seems to miss him a lot.


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