Friday, April 22, 2016

Millie and the Hedgehog

When I get tired of chewing on my squeaky hedgehog.
I use it as a handy pillow for my chin!
I took Miss Millie on a little walk to drop some packages off at Office Depot this morning. She was laying on the desk by the front window looking somewhat sad since Keith left yesterday morning so I thought a walk might cheer her up a little. She is doing better on her walks, not pulling as much on the leash and not barking as much at trucks, bikes, etc. I only let her walk through Office Depot if she has taken her poo on the way over, I don't want a repeat of that time she pood in Petco (but what more appropriate place to take a poo?) and if she hasn't taken a poo, carrying it is.

I keep her on a very short leash while walking through the store because she does have a tendency to sniff at people's ankles with her wet little nose and we don't want any startled shoppers. She likes to sniff at the close to the floor displays as we are quickly walking by, especially the ones that have candy in them, those big bags of M&Ms probably smell pretty good to a dog despite the fact that chocolate is very very bad for them.

Later today we will have our afternoon sit in the front yard if it is not too hot. It's been warming up here and we've actually had to turn the a/c on a few times late in the day. Summer starts early up here!