Monday, January 25, 2016

Stinky Dog

This past week Millie has not been coming to sleep with me on the nights that Keith was at work, instead she stayed on his bed either on a shirt that he left laying there or on his pillow. I didn't really mind not having a dog in the bed with me, a dog that somehow manages to get herself right in the middle of the bed so that I wake up and have to scoot her over. I felt bad for her because I knew she was wondering if he was Ever Coming Home! but I tried a couple of times to bring her to bed with me and no, she wanted to be in his bed whether he was there or not. Well, okay then.

Last night she came to bed with me and I did indeed wake up a couple of times and had to scoot her over and in the scooting over I realized that it was bath time again. She was under the covers and as I lifted the covers to do the scooting I could smell that not so fresh doggy smell coming from her.

We are a bit lazy about bathing her on any kind of regular schedule especially in the winter when it's cold outside. She doesn't really enjoy her baths, but when we notice the stink then I guess it's time! I do need to buy a hair dryer, something I don't use myself, but it takes her a long time to get dry and she runs around the house trying to dry off on the furniture, so tomorrow I'll go to Target and see what they have. I don't think the noise will bother her since she isn't afraid of the vacuum cleaner and will sit right in its path while I'm trying to clean. We will see though, and hopefully the hair dryer won't be a waste of money since neither of us uses one, we just run around trying to dry off on the furniture, ha ha!

Speaking of wasting money, we haven't done much of that lately, only going out to eat once in the past few weeks and hey, you gotta eat anyway right? The way to not spend money is to just stay home (and don't get online, too many shopping temptations!) which makes us even more boring than usual. As you can probably tell since I'm writing a post about how stinky the dog is.

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