Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hot Dog!

I was up at the Walmart Neighborhood Market doing some grocery shopping yesterday morning, rather uninspired grocery shopping because I just can't think of anything that sounds good for dinner and don't feel like cooking it anyway, but the animals needed food so there I was. I always glance at the dog toy display even though I know that the Walmart dog toys are the type that Millie can totally destroy in about 5 minutes, like the blue dog toy that is now completely empty of stuffing but she still likes to make the squeaker squeak so I guess the $2.97 I spent wasn't totally wasted.

Anyway, here in the dog toy display is something that doesn't belong there but makes sense if you are a Walmart worker and hey, it's in a dog shape so where else would it go?
See that weiner dog there in the middle?
Yes, that wiener dog. The one that is actually a hot dog slicer/ketchup dispenser for those kids that need a gimmick to eat their hot dog.

I know it's in the dog toy section because some underpaid Walmart employee was having to put away the stuff that the shoppers decide they don't want after all and leave laying around all over the store or stuffed in among the candy bars and gum at the checkout counter. Because it's just too much trouble to hand it to the checkout girl and tell her you've changed your mind. The underpaid Walmart employee (like I once was) had a basket full of junk to put away and was tired and wanted to go home and couldn't find the hot dog slicer display so just put it in the next logical place. Dog toys!

Well, so far so good as far as not being unemployed yet. Keith got bumped off the yard job extra board but was able to bump back onto the road extra board where he went out on one trip and then has ended up doing two overnight yard jobs in a row. He was also spending time at the yard doing his annual employee training modules and got those finished up yesterday evening so that is one less thing to worry about. We're still on the austerity budget since we aren't sure how long he'll be able to hang on without someone else bumping him off but he's made it this far so we are a little more optimistic. And I don't know how to spell optimistic because to me it should be optomistic but spell check tells me that is wrong so I had to google the correct spelling.

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DancingMooney said...

So glad Keith is still working, and LOL for that hot dog slicer being put back with the dog toys... :p