Sunday, February 14, 2016

It's Been A Long Time

Since I last posted anything here. Probably because there is not a lot to post about. Because we are still boring.

One good thing about still having digestive issues and as a result of said digestive issues not much of an appetite except for sweet things (I always have an appetite for sweet things) is that I've lost about 12 pounds over the course of the still ongoing issues. Diarrhea, new weight loss solution!

We both went for our annual physicals this week, the past few years I've scheduled them at the same time for the two of us since we see different doctors at the same practice. I've always seen a female physician's assistant which makes me feel a little more comfortable while Keith sees the male doctor. We both got our bloodwork done and referrals to the gastro doctors, Keith for his colon cancer screening colonoscopy and me for the digestive issues and a colonoscopy that I was supposed to have last year but of course kept putting off which is just as well since we'll be definitely doing one this year. I go for my consultation in a few weeks, Keith goes for his next week and then we'll find out when the fun begins for each of us with the ever popular colonoscopy clean out your colon prep. Ick.

I did have good news with my blood work, everything is normal and my AICs went from 6.6 last year to 6.2 this year. I know they didn't go down because I've been eating totally low carb, in fact I have eaten a lot that I shouldn't have this year and my diet is really not all that good. I try but those cookies and ice cream when I go to the grocery store sing their siren's song out to me as I pass by. I do like my sweets.

What I think did it was a supplement I've been taking, an expensive supplement but one that really seems to work. It's called Glucosil and you can order it from Amazon (with the free 2 day shipping if you have Amazon Prime!) and you take 2 before lunch and 2 before dinner. Or after lunch and dinner if you forget to take them before which happens quite a lot with me.
I've been a little concerned about getting the proper nutrients lately with my picky eating and loss of appetite. Vegetables (which I've never really liked anyway) and things like salads just don't appeal to me right now, rough foods just not being what I want to eat with the issues I'm having. I asked my doctor about that and she recommended superfood, a concentrated vegetable powder that you mix up and drink down. She said not to smell it first, and no, you don't want to smell it because it is VILE. It's green of course, and green things that you are supposed to drink aren't all that appetizing to begin with but the smell is sort of like algae or rotting vegetation. It doesn't taste all that good either, kind of like eating grass (or that rotting vegetation) but if you mix it with about 4 ounces of milk and hold your nose for the first gulp you can actually get it down.
There are a lot of different superfoods to choose from, this one is supposed to have a tropical taste but like I said, it tastes like grass. Tropical grass maybe. It's not cheap but you only use a tablespoon full once a day.

And for other adventures in nutrition, I had low carb pancakes this morning that almost tasted like real pancakes. This mix is from Big Train and I ordered it from a company that sells all sorts of low carb and gluten free stuff. I'll be ordering more of this mix. I also ordered some soy protein low carb cheerios which taste pretty good too and actually keep you full because of the protein.
I got the pancake mix from They are located on the east coast so it takes about a week for your order to arrive. There is a west coast low carb website that I also use,, but they don't have this brand of mix. I've tried some of the Dixie diner mixes, they make a lot of muffing and baking mixes, but I was definitely underwhelmed by the taste of the ones I've tried. Very rubbery.

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