Thursday, September 3, 2015

New TV And More Space

We did buy a new TV. And a new Blue Ray DVD player, which was only $69.00. Electronics certainly have come down in price since we bought our first VCR (video cassette recorder for you young folks who have no clue what a VCR is). I think we paid about $400 for our VCR many years ago, quite a huge purchase for way back when, but something that we did enjoy for years and years. The DVD player that we replaced with the new Blue Ray was actually a combination DVD/VCR, but the VCR part of it broke a few years back and who wants to watch a scratchy grainy old video tape anyway? I think we paid about $135.00 for that, which we thought was a pretty good price, and again, we enjoyed the heck out of it.

We got a huge TV, 55", so now we can have our TV on one side of the living room and the seating on the other and we can't get over how much roomier our living/dining area is. Plus how wonderful a huge TV with an excellent picture is. The TV was not cheap at $899.00, but we used our Target red card and saved 5% on it, which on a big purchase does make a difference. We also got the fancy wall mount that tilts and moves so that if you want to watch TV from the kitchen you can.

The TV also came with apps available, like Netflix and Amazon plus a bunch of others that we will probably never use. The Netflix and Amazon give you a free month when you sign up but the monthly cost is so cheap that we'll definitely be keeping both of those. So far I am LOVING Netflix, it's so easy to use and has a great selection of TV shows that I would normally have to wait to see until they came out on DVD. I've already started watching The Fall with Gillian Anderson from the X Files, and it's a great show if you  have a chance to see it.

I wish we'd gotten big TV and Netflix a long time ago!

And here is our new improved and much more spacious living room. It's still a work in progress, we are going to give the old TV cabinet to Joe and have been looking at coffee tables now that we have enough room for one, but so far haven't found anything we like. I did find a big poufy footstool thing at Target for $20.00, sometimes I just need to put my feet up which is what I was thinking about a coffee table for, but the pouf will work in the meantime.

We also got a new floor lamp that I just love, we found it at Lowe's after going to three or four other places, and found a new table lamp at Hobby Lobby that has a tilting shade that we also really like. I do like to read and that side of the room is impossible to read in without some kind of lighting. The lamp is great for TV watching, too, just enough light so you're not sitting in the dark but not enough to make a glare on the TV.


Jennifer said...

I need a floor lamp like that for my bedroom! There never seems to be enough light in there to read.

DancingMooney said...

That floor lamp is gorgeous, and I love the table lamp too. Actually I love all that rustic wood furniture also! It's fun to change things up once in a while, yay for that! ;)

Anonymous said...

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