Sunday, September 13, 2015

And Some New Curtains!

Our new and improved and much more spacious living room really needed an update from the (cheap) apartment style hanging blinds, so when I saw a really good selection of the black out type curtains over at Walmart I made Keith come with me to take a look at them. We have that type of curtain in the bedrooms, it really helps keep the light out when someone is trying to sleep in the daytime and also helps keep the room cooler in summer and warmer in winter. So, I'm thinking that these might be a good thing to have in the living room. At first Keith was being all cranky and didn't like anything he saw, but we finally found some that we liked along with some curtain rods that took him about 20 minutes to pick out, and then we got some sheers to go behind the curtains for the one window so that you don't have to look at our boring side yard fence out the window but rather some nice diffused light.

It took Keith the better part of an entire day to get the curtains up, something that really should have only taken a few hours, but that is how he does things. No big hurry. I was getting rather frustrated and would have done it all myself except that I'm not real good at screwing things into walls.

So here they are and we really like how much nicer it makes the living room look and wish we'd done something like this years ago. The actual curtains were really not all that expensive, like $20.00 a panel and only $5.00 a panel for the sheers, but the rods were not cheap, Keith being picky about the style and I guess good curtain rods are just not cheap. But, for a couple hundred dollars it makes a big difference in how the whole room looks.

Mimi is enjoying a snack here.
We keep a blanket on Keith's new chair, specifically for moments like this.
No need to have doggy hair all over the new furniture. Millie enjoys that chair almost as much as Keith does. It is very comfortable!

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