Saturday, August 29, 2015

DirecTV But Now No TV

So, after 12 years of living in this house with no cable or satellite TV just an antenna (oh, the hardship!) we finally decided we could afford to get DirecTV installed. They have a new thing with AT&T now where you can get DirecTV through them and it all goes on your phone/internet bill. Handy, yes?

The guy came and installed it today. Millie was actually quite well behaved having strangers in the house and outside the house, she barked a few times but when I told her to stop and get in her chair, she did! She stayed out of the way and just kind of watched what was going on, even tried to sniff the guy's pant leg once. Mimi thought the box that the DVR receiver thing came in was pretty cool.

The perfect size for a kitty cat.

I played with the new remote, checking out some of the channels and I guess Saturday DirecTV is about the same as Saturday regular TV, just a bunch of crap on. I tried watching one of the shark shows and got bored in a few minutes, then watched a few minutes of the Kardashians show. I really don't understand why people would watch a bunch of vapid narcissistic women talking about nothing and showing off their clothes, besides the fact that the little bit I saw of it was really boring.

Now, our TV has been acting a bit funny for a few weeks, taking forever for the screen to come on and then some rolling before the picture comes on. We thought it might be branches from our tree blocking the signal to the antenna, so Keith trimmed those back the other day but that didn't fix it. Then we thought maybe the antenna itself was just wearing out, being out in the elements all day and night. But that wasn't it either as I found out tonight.

Since there was nothing on this evening either, I put a DVD in to watch, a show called Power that I started watching last night, all about drug dealers with lots of violence and all, a pretty good show that so far has sucked me in and I want to see what happens. I'm watching and all of a sudden the TV picture starts cutting in and out and rolling and I'm like Hey, what the heck? And then it just goes blank and the picture never comes back.

I think the TV is done.

It is older, we've had it for the entire 12 years that we've been here, so we'll have to see about getting a new one so we can enjoy our new DirecTV. They have come way down in price since we bought ours, you can get a huge off brand TV at Walmart for just a few hundred dollars but I think we'll go with a brand we've heard of. Not that we wanted to buy a new TV right now, but oh well, we're stuck with a contract for the DirecTV for 2 years and it would be nice to have something to watch it on.

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