Thursday, September 17, 2015

Millie Malone

Keeping the world safe from tiny bird feathers since 2015.

This morning I'm trying to feed cats and get my coffee going and Millie is out in the side yard barking and barking and barking. She has a rather high pitched yappy bark and I know it's annoying for our neighbors so I try to go out and see what she is barking at within a minute or two.

She was doing her 'I'm kind of scared but I'm also brave' barking thing at something by the gate and that something was a bird feather about 1" long. So scary!

She's barked at tiny bird feathers quite a few times so I should be used to it by now, but it always makes me laugh that first, she finds the tiny bird feather in all the leaves and dirt and other stuff in the back yard, and second, she is so very frightened by them. I'll usually show her that it's just a tiny bird feather but then she wants to eat it, so...into the trash it goes and out of sight out of mind. Tiny doggy mind.
 She is jumping up trying to eat the feather and save me from it here.
Funny dog.

We actually had a little bit of rain this week and for us that is a monumental event. It was quite exciting and we had a couple of very damp cats that either enjoyed the rain too much to come inside or were just too stupid to come inside. Or a little of both.

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DancingMooney said...

I wonder if she used to live with birds that were not nice to her? It is kind of funny though, and I know what you mean about that, I'm kind of brave, but kind of scared, bark... our dog does that too. LOL Rescue dogs, gotta love em'! ;)