Friday, August 28, 2015

Update Window Fixed for Now!

The car dealership finally called back, they would need to take the door panel off and see which part they need first and one of the parts that they might need is on back order and they have no idea when they would ever get one in. Also the free repair recall thing is over and done with, so we're talking about $400 to fix.

So...stopgap measure applied. Keith took the door panel off and cut a piece of wood to hold the window up and put the door panel back on. Ta Da! Fixed for now.

At least we aren't looking at any rain in the near (or far) future. The first time one of the windows broke was in the winter when we were expecting a huge rainstorm. Fortunately the car was at the dealership being fixed when the huge rainstorm arrived.

We could have put the car in the garage if rain were coming I suppose except there is no room in our garage for cars. It is full of tools and saws and workbenches and other such stuff, because isn't that what a garage is for?

Anyway, now I can go to the store to get something for dinner without worrying about our oh so valuable car getting stolen.

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