Friday, August 28, 2015

Reason 1001 To Not Wash Your Car

We are really really lazy about washing our car. We usually just wait for rain, which as any of you other Californians know, doesn't happen very often in these parts. So our car is usually very very dirty. And we really don't care all that much, at least not enough to wash the damn thing already!

I do clean the windows every once in awhile, usually after trying to drive somewhere with the sun at just the right angle to where I can't see where I'm going because of the filth and the window washer/wiper thing doesn't get it clean enough, but even that only happens a few times a year.

Yes, we are lazy when it comes to car cleanliness. Plus, we are supposed to be saving water so a dirty car is a sign of good water conservationists, right? Never mind that we are just too lazy to wash it.

Today, Keith decided to take the car to the Cruz Thru car wash around the corner because he was tired of the dirt, so off he went to get the car all shined up.

Now, a few years back our windows started to stop working in the car, where they would just go clunk and fall down into the door as you were trying to roll them up or down. The window issue was under a recall thing so as they  broke they were free to have fixed. Very inconvenient to have fixed, it taking a couple of days each time a window went, and us being with no car for those couple of days. Plus the dealership is clear across town, about 10 miles away. I can't remember exactly how many windows went over time, but the recall was good for a few years, so no cost to us to get them fixed, just inconvenience.

Well, today, as Keith was in line for the car wash, all ready to go through it, he went to roll up the back window which he always leaves cracked a little in the hopes the car won't get quite so hot when it's sitting out in the sun (doesn't work, but that is beside the point) the window went clunk and fell down into the door.

He can't go through the car wash with the window completely open but can't get back out of line, already being on the little pull your car through the car wash track, so the attendant had to shut off the car wash water and let the car run through the car wash with no water, and then Keith had to drive back around to get a refund on the car wash that didn't happen and how embarrassing that must have been.

He called the car dealership which of course didn't answer their phone but made him leave a message that nobody has returned yet about getting the window fixed which I'm sure is not covered under the recall anymore. For now, anyone who wants to get into the car has a open window just waiting for them! How convenient, and maybe someone will steal our car for us so we can get a different one that will probably have some other recall issue just waiting to happen.

Lesson learned, don't wash your car because bad things happen!

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