Thursday, July 23, 2015

Trying Out Ambidextrousness

Or ambidexterity or something like that. Not because I want to, but because I can't move my arm in certain ways without pain. It's really not going all that well so far.

I've had trouble with my right arm and what I've been told is tendonitis for a lot of years now, like 25 or so, and it kind of comes and goes and is more annoying than real painful most of the time. If I've used my arm too much doing things like crafting or cleaning then it might ache somewhat, or if I try to pick something up like grocery bags without being careful I'll get a jolt of pain up in the shoulder/bicep area. I usually take some Aleeve or aspirin and put a pain patch or two on and that seems to take care of things for the most part. However, something happened while getting out of bed yesterday morning and my arm/shoulder/whatever was really hurting. I found out exactly how much it was hurting when I tried to get dressed and realized I could barely put my underwear on. Something about the angle when you are trying to pull up underpants and struggle into a bra and OUCH! Never mind trying to pull up a pair of pants, I got the underwear up with my left hand but there was no way I could get pants up and then have to re-pull them up every time I needed to go to the bathroom, it was just too painful. I was just not going to be able to wear pants and it's a good thing I have a few summer dresses from a few years ago or I would have had to do all my errands in my nightgown. Not that people would bat an eye around here, pajamas and slippers are almost de rigueur for Walmart! But I'd be a bit embarrassed if only because my nightgown is pretty darn ratty looking.

I can't adjust the car seat without getting out of the car and doing it with my left hand, nor can I set the brake without my left hand doing it, but the actual steering of the car doesn't hurt and can do most of the other things I need to do, it's just that close to the body pulling up your pants motion that isn't working too well at the moment. I can still wash dishes and clean cat boxes (and type!) so I'm not totally disabled. I vacuumed with my left arm today, which was harder than it sounds and made my left arm tired since it's not used to doing much of anything, and also cleaned the bathroom sinks and toilet left handed. It feels a little better today so I'm hoping I'll get back to normal soon.

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DancingMooney said...

Oh my gosh, I wish I had a remedy for you! I have tendonitis in my right foot, and it is a serious pain! I can't imagine what it would be like to loose the use of my right hand or arm even... get better!! I think stay off it is the main thing, or at least try. I guess. Easier said than done, I know. :)