Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Where Does The Lint Go?

So, my new washer and dryer seem to work very well, which they better, right? The washer makes a totally different noise than we are used to, Keith says it sounds like my computer printer when it's printing out a page. It's kind of a HMMM hmmm HMMM hmmm as it's filling up with water and swishing everything around in there. The tub is a lot bigger than the old washer and supposedly you can cram two baskets of laundry in at once, but I don't think I will try that, one basket at a time seems about right to me. It senses how much water it needs to fill up with by weight I guess. Or something like that.

The clothes come out of the washer without wads of cat hair being left in the tub, so I don't know where the cat hair goes, and the dryer dries without much lint being left in the lint trap at all. Don't know where the lint goes either. I've done probably 10 loads (if not more) of laundry and have only emptied a very small amount of cat hair lint out of the trap.

And how exciting is that? New washer, yay!

We had some rain complete with thunder and lightning here, so unusual for July or anytime other than a few months in winter. Parts of town did flood a bit and the railroad had flash flood warnings out. Keith was bringing a train back from Barstow and had to go 8 miles an hour down the mountain despite the skies being totally sunny, but the rain can come on suddenly up there and flash flood warnings are not something to ignore, so it took them 3 hours to go about 35 miles.

I went back to the dermatologist and got my stitches out so now just have a not too noticeable scar on my cheek, better than a big lump! I also didn't have to wait there for hours and hours this time, when I walked in I was the only patient there. How often does that happen? Never? Keith went in for a skin cancer check and had a few things removed for biopsies, he will go back in a few weeks for the results on that and to have some moles removed.

And that is about all that is going on around here. I did clean up the yard yesterday, not a whole lot of mowing involved, just weed whacking around the edges and sweeping up leaves and small branches from the tree and then trimming the star jasmine that has been sending tendrils out to catch us as we walk by. I was out in the yard for maybe 2 hours and was totally exhausted and soaked in sweat by the time I was done, so after a shower the rest of the day was kind of a bust, no more energy to do anything else.

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