Thursday, July 30, 2015

Glad I Was Wearing Shoes!

This morning I got up a little later than usual, Keith had gotten in last night around 11:30 so by the time we said hello and then goodnight, it was around midnight before I got into bed. I woke up around 6 to go to the bathroom and decided I didn't want to stay up, so I shut my door so no cats would disturb me and then went back to sleep until almost 8. I usually leave the door open a bit during the night, especially if the dog is sleeping with me because she may need to get up and go pee or something. Mimi likes to come in around 6:30 most mornings, jump onto the bed right by my face and then purr and MEOW, purr and MEOW (she has a very loud meow) hoping that I will either pet her or get up and feed her. Or both.

Anyway, up a little later than usual and Keith happened to already be up, sitting at the computer looking at stuff. He can spend hours looking at all the news stories and whatever, even before he's had his coffee or gotten dressed. As I come in his room I see two cat poos on the floor. Big cat poos and either a cat left them there or the dog pulled them out of the cat box and I'm so glad she doesn't (gag) EAT them like some dogs do. Keith of course did NOT see the big cat poos on the floor and how he missed them I don't know. So, like it does many many times, my day started with picking up cat poo.

A little while later I'm checking on Genie outside and picking up her dirty cat food bowl and getting the water bowl to put fresh water in and see what I think is another ball of cat poo on the pavement, a ball of cat poo that Millie is sniffing, but then realize it is just a snail. You don't know how glad I was that it was not more poo after having just cleaned the poo on the floor in the bedroom and all of the assorted litter boxes. Really glad.

I'm bringing the freshly filled water bowl out of the house for Genie and as I'm walking back across the patio, CRUNCH! and I've stepped right onto that snail. And I'm so glad I was wearing shoes, being guilty of going barefoot out there quite a bit when doing things like cleaning up after cats. Snails gross me out anyway, and stepping on one and smashing it all up is bad enough with shoes on, I would have been quite nauseated if I were barefoot. I don't think I will ever go barefoot out there again just in case. I should know better, I am still haunted by the slug that I stepped on barefoot about 35 years ago.

In other news my arm is getting much better, I spent a few days resting it as much as possible. I can put pants on again but do it very carefully with mostly my left arm, same for doing things like vacuuming, which sounds easier than it actually is. I'm not very coordinated with my left hand. I haven't had to take aspirin or Aleeve the past few days, just a Salonpas pain patch when necessary, and those little pain patches really do help.

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Linda said...

Try accidentally rolling over snails in a wheelchair... which happens sometimes when I am outside after dark and can't see them. I ran over two right at the bottom of the wheelchair ramp the other night. Had to go inside and clean the snail stuff off the wheels with wet paper towels. Yuck, yuck, yuck!!