Thursday, July 2, 2015

Getting Up Early

I think I just found a cure for my it's too hot to do anything summertime laziness. Summertime laziness is a little different than my any other time of the year laziness in that I don't feel like doing anything that might make me sweat, which is anything more than getting out of bed when it's stinking hot outside.

Keith woke me up at 5:30 so that I could take him to work and have the car for things that I need to do, such as my doctor's appointment tomorrow morning to have a cyst on my face removed. I've had it for a couple of years now and since I'm old and not so vain these days, I've just kind of ignored it as it kept getting bigger and bigger. It has bothered me but not enough to actually go have someone stick a needle full of novocain into my face and then cut the thing open and remove it until now. Long story short I need a car to get to the doctor's office to get my face cut open.

So, this morning I drop him off at 6:15 to catch his ride to go dogcatch a train that's been sitting on the mountain for probably half the night and as I'm pulling into the driveway back home again I look at our mostly dead lawn and decide that since it's not too hot yet I will get at the weed whacking that has needed doing for a few weeks now. It's not a lot of weed whacking, the only part of our yard that gets any water is around the edges from our neighbor's sprinklers and by the flower boxes that do get watered on a semi regular basis. Plus, half of the flowers in the flower boxes are dead and need to be pulled out.

And now it is 8:00 and the weed whacking and sweeping up part of it is done and I'm covered in sweat but actually have enough energy left to go tend to the flower beds.

I'm thinking maybe I should get up at 5:30 every day. But I probably won't.

The day before yesterday it actually rained some overnight, and I guess Millie didn't want to go outside to do her business because in between feeding all the cats and walking back to the bathroom here she is sitting in the hallway next to a big poop with a rather odd look on her face. And then I see a big wet spot on the bathroom rug. Why she didn't poo and pee in the same spot I don't know, maybe it offended her sensibilities and dogs don't poo where they pee. Or something like that.

Then this morning I go to feed Genie and she left a big poop on her blanket in her basket, and that blanket just went into the garbage because no I don't want to wash poo off of your blanket considering I just had to wash  your cat bed yesterday because of the same sort of issue. Then I see a big wet spot RIGHT NEXT to her cat box that sits on a table on the patio. She peed right on the table instead of in her box. Why is her cat box on a table? Because since the dog and all the cats go outside through the doggy door she is deathly afraid to get down on the ground most of the time and so sleeps and eats on top of some card tables and the patio table. The whole arrangement is kind of a pain in the ass but since the cats got used to going outside it's kind of hard to keep them in.

It's just two of them that really bother Genie, Buddy and Mimi kind of gang up on her and chase her and have gotten into a few scrapes with her, so she steers clear of them. They are just a couple of schoolyard bullies.

Okay, back to my yard work before it gets too hot.

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lynney62 said...

Good luck on your little surgery tomorrow (I call it "little" cause I'm a nurse and there are BIG surgeries and little surgeries for me :)
I love your blog, the way you write as if you're just having a conversation with someone!
I sure wish I could send some of our rain your way!
Have a nice Holiday weekend!