Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Vet Visit For Buddy

I'm getting kind of bored with blogging so if I don't post much in the months to come, that is why. Also there is just not all that much to blog about since we lead such oh so exciting lives.

Last Friday Buddy was eating some dry food and started growling and backing away from the food and doing weird things with his mouth like something was hurting him. After the ordeal with Lucy having to get a bunch of teeth pulled last year when I discovered her with a big swollen lump on her face on the weekend of course, we thought it might be best to get Buddy into the vet just in case he had a bad tooth.

His teeth looked okay and the vet didn't think there was anything wrong there, but did find that he had a bad case of fleas, the cheaper version of frontline that we had gotten at Walmart obviously not working. The vet wanted to do a complete workup on Buddy, blood tests and x-rays for arthritis and a whole bunch of other extremely expensive stuff, all to the tune of about $600.00. Then she wanted  us to bring him back for a dental cleaning, another $500.00 or so. Um, no.

They did give him an oral flea med that should have killed all the fleas for a few days and also worm meds and we got the very best topical flea stuff from them for a little over $200.00 for the visit and meds. In all we were there for over 2 hours, what they were doing while we were stuck in a hot little exam room for so long I don't know.

I haven't put the good flea stuff on Buddy yet, they said to wait for about 5 days since I had just given him the cheap stuff a few weeks ago. I'm going to get the good stuff for all the other cats too.

I had to keep everyone inside for a few days, Keith sprayed the yard and flower beds with bug killer in hopes of keeping the fleas and other pests down and until I could get out there and weed whack what little grass (weeds) that we have in the back yard the cats had to stay in. They like to eat grass and we didn't want them eating bug killer soaked grass.

I was calculating it all up if we took all the cats in for dental cleanings and nope, don't think that's something that we can afford  at the moment.

It is definitely full on summer now, something that comes every year and something that I complain about every year because I do not like being hot and sweaty. We've already had 10 days of over 100 degrees with I'm sure a lot more to come over the next 3 months or so. Summer here doesn't end until about October.

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