Sunday, July 5, 2015

And This is Why

I prefer to buy my books used.

I had forgotten about The Astronaut Wives Club TV show that started a couple of weeks ago on ABC, so I missed the first 2 episodes but remembered to watch it last week. I'm not sure if the show is good or not, but I do love shows set in the 60s simply because of the costumes and the hairstyles and everyone wearing lipstick even if they are just going outside to pick up the mail. I had seen the book when it first came out but wasn't all that interested in it, preferring fiction to non, but after watching the one episode of the TV show I really really wanted to read the book.

So yesterday morning I asked Keith if he wanted to go to Barnes and Noble so I could get the book, we haven't been in there in a long time since it's just too expensive to buy full price books, plus the lines and lack of cashiers annoyed me a whole lot last time I was there and I wasn't as nice to the cashier as I should have been when she went through her required spiel about joining their rewards program or whatever they call it. I had to listen to it again this time, even being asked for my nonexistent card when I went and got an iced coffee at the Starbucks in the store after paying for my books.

Yes, I got books, plural, because it's kind of like potato chips, you can't get just one when you go to the bookstore. I ended up with four. Which wasn't very many for me.

Anyway, I read the Astronaut Wives book the rest of the day and it was fascinating and not dry like some non fiction can be. I really enjoyed it, having lived through the space program in the 60s but not really remembering all that much about it. I don't know where I was when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon, but I don't think it was in front of the TV. I don't usually finish a book in a day, usually it takes a couple of days but I didn't feel like doing anything else yesterday, so finished the book in one sitting.

However, one of the other books that I got is just not engaging me as much as I'd hoped it would, having liked one of this particular author's other books, The Orphan Train, a great deal, but this book is just kind of leaving me bored and not really caring about the characters enough to keep reading. I paid full price for the book so I feel that I should finish it, and that is why I like to buy my books at my favorite used book store (Bookhounds) so that if I don't like the book I just toss it aside, having spent at most $1.99 on it. Usually less because they always have a sale going, the books are priced with different colored stickers according to when they got them in, and they always have the older books at up to 50% off.

So, I think I'm going to give up on the full price book for now and start on one of my bargain books.

And I survived the face cutting open thing but it was not a fun day, more on that in a day or two. Just call me Frankenstein face, I have an incistion about 1 1/2" long with 6 big black stitches that I have to keep covered by a big huge bandage. If anyone has the nerve to ask me why I have a big bandage on my face it's a toss up between being bitten by a shark and being attacked by a ninja and his sword.

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