Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Keith's Birthday and The Toy Destructor

Yesterday was Keith's birthday. He is now 57 for those of you counting. He had worked all night and gotten home late in the morning after stopping for a few birthday beers. He didn't see the birthday present that one of the cats left for him on the floor because I picked it up and flushed it long before he got home. Yes, a birthday cat poo, how exciting!

We went to a birthday dinner, at first thinking about going to Hungry Hunter for an expensive steak, but then he decided we would try Frugatti's, an Italian restaurant that we've passed by many many times but have never stopped in. We had heard it was expensive and yes it was.

The decor and ambiance was really nice, a patio out front with a big fountain and bistro type tables under a canopy and then inside was decorated with old family type photos and vintage crate labels. Even some laundry hanging on a line. Sounds weird but it was cute.

The menu wasn't so cute, and yes, very very expensive.

I ordered chicken parmesan which came with garlic mashed potatoes and stuffed mushrooms, then your choice of soup or salad. I asked them to hold the mushrooms since gag. Keith got lasagne. There was bread brought to the table and an attentive waitress. The food was good except for the way too garlicky potatoes and there was a lot of it. A huge portion of lasagne and two chicken breasts. We brought one chicken breast and half of the lasagne home. We also got two pieces of carrot cake to take home and we drank iced tea with our dinner. The dinners were $16.95 and $19.95 and the carrot cake was $6.59 each for a grand total of $65.00 plus tip and while the food was good, way too overpriced in our cheap minds. So, I don't think we'll be eating there again.

Millie the Toy Destructor was at it again this morning. When it gets really quiet I know she is either sleeping or digging away at one of her toys in an effort to get all of the stuffing and the squeaky part out. She doesn't realize that if she takes the squeaky part out, no more fun of chewing on her toy just right to get it to squeak squeak squeak repeatedly. This was a blue elephant toy.

I found a picture of Mimi and Bear doing what they do best. Sleeping all cuddled up.

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