Monday, June 15, 2015

Too Boring to Blog

I really haven't felt much like blogging lately, mostly because there is not a whole heck of a lot going on to blog about. But, I will make an attempt if only to let everyone know we are still alive.

When Keith isn't working he is usually sleeping. It's been hot hot hot here so when the cats aren't eating or pooping they are usually sleeping. The dog still wants to play in the morning and evening but spends her afternoons sleeping. The cats are loving being able to go outside whenever they want and spend the time that they aren't sleeping laying about in the yard. Except during the hot part of the day, they all come inside then because while they have small brains they aren't entirely stupid and know that the air conditioned house is nice and cool.

We did have some wonderful and exciting rain last week or whenever it was, we had been promised a storm coming up from Mexico but the first day of the promised rain was kind of a bust with just a few sprinkles and the second day of the promised rain was dry and sunny, but by late afternoon on the second day the sky started getting cloudy and the wind started blowing and damn, did it ever rain for about 30 minutes! It rained hard enough to fill the gutters in the street within minutes and there was even some thunder and lightning involved. I opened up the doors and windows so I could enjoy the rain.

Keith got some new fangled fly strips for the back yard, we always have tons of flies back there, and they are so annoying all summer long. The fly strips are almost like tie dyed, this weird pattern of squares in bright yellow and green. Whoever figured these fly strips out did a good job because within minutes of hanging them there were already flies stuck to them. Which is kind of creepy when they are not dead yet, they are stuck there with their little legs waving at you. Help me! Help me!

We got a new monitor for our computer along with a new printer. We've had the monitor since we got our computer however many years ago and it's been going in and out for a while now, the screen getting dark and the colors being all weird so we broke down and went over to Best Buy for a new a little bit bigger one. My printer has been acting up for a long time, too, jamming up and not printing correctly, wasting lots of my photo paper that I use for my cards and tags in my Etsy shop. So, new printer and no more wasted paper.

We had moved the bird feeder out front a while back so that Buddy wouldn't keep catching birds (and bringing them into the house) so now when I'm sitting in the front room working on things or sewing I get to watch the birds come to eat. I've seen what I'm assuming are the same couple of doves, a smaller female and a big male, and that boy dove is quite amorous and is always chasing the girl dove around. She's minding her own business looking for seeds on the ground and he is hopping up behind her, look at me! I love you! and she hops away a foot or two and he hops right behind her. She gets fed up and flies off and he flies off after her. It's rather entertaining.

And other than that, I can't think of anything else to write about today.

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lynney62 said...

Oh my....I just laughed out loud when I read your "fly story"..."Help me" "Help me" with legs funny! Wish I could send you some of our Illinois rains here every afternoon.