Friday, April 17, 2015

Yes We Are Still Alive

We are just so incredibly boring that I haven't had anything to post about. Seriously.

We really haven't done much of anything, just the usual Keith going to work and me cleaning up cat poo and picking up dog toys. Since the doggy door went in the cats have been outside a whole lot, Buddy even taking over Genie's Igloo house, totally enjoying lazing about inside it, and one day getting in her sleeping box in the old cat stand that she spends most of her time on. Everything belongs to Buddy because he is the King Of The Back Yard. None of them have made any attempt to do any climbing fences (good, no escapees) and just sort of wander about a bit and lay about a lot. Since I put the bird feeder in the front yard there have been no more catching and bringing into the house of birds. Buddy still sits under the bird feeder that hangs in the tree out back but it's too high for him to reach those birds.

We had tried the bird feeder out front once before and no birds ever came but this time all the little birds and some of the big doves found it within a day and they've been happily eating all the seeds ever since. You can see it from the front room window so I can watch them if I'm working at my little desk that sits right by the window.

We got some new plants for the front flower bed, the white daisies that had gotten so huge were starting to die off so I pulled them all out and we finally filled in around the tree. The little tree that we were wondering whether or not it had survived the winter because it took so long to leaf. It finally did in what seemed like an overnight event, no leaves one day and leaves the next.

The weather has been nice, as it usually is in spring here, but give it another month or two and I can start complaining about the heat.

And that is about all that is going on around here. 

I do have a really good egg salad recipe that I will share tomorrow or whenever and have been doing a bit more cooking, like tonight when even though I was eating alone I tried a recipe for Paprika Beef and even cooked some carrots to go with it. I'm trying to do more vegetables in my diet and so far have done okay with it the last couple of days. My goal is at least 3 servings a day... and we will see how that goes.

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