Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rest In Peace Little Lucy Cat

Well, I started this post to be kind of light and entertaining but not so much now.

I had started doing my light and entertaining post with this next paragraph and then was interrupted by a cat meowing and I thought it was Lucy looking for her breakfast. It was not Lucy, after looking for her this morning I just now found her dead in the neighbor's flower bed.

Here is how it happened.

Last night was not all that restful for me, first I was up a little later than usual helping Keith get off to work on a midnight train, making sure he had his thermos of extra caffeine tea (you can find these teabags at Walmart, called American Breakfast by Bigelow with 50% more caffeine and he says they really pack a punch) and some food for his trip. Then off to bed which takes a while to settle in when you have a little doggy that wants to get under the covers with you and way too close to you for comfort. I usually have to shift her over some at least once during the night and have a few times been awakened by paws pushing at me when I got a little too close to her for comfort. I finally get into a good sound sleep and them am jolted awake at 3:58am by Millie starting to bark and a big thud coming from the front of the outside of the house, almost like something had crashed into the  house.

I jump out of bed and look out of the window and there is a huge dog on the front patio. I wasn't about to go outside while that dog was out there so looked out the window in the front door and saw Lucy's chair that she sleeps in all knocked over. I waited a while to make sure the big dog was gone and then went out front to check on things and found one of the metal trellises in the flower bed bent over, apparently from a big dog crashing into it. I looked around for Lucy and didn't see her and then continued looking this morning but couldn't find her. I was wondering if the dog had gotten her and yes, it did. I didn't hear any cat noises while all this was going on last night so hopefully it was a quick shake of the neck and instant death, her body didn't have any blood on it or any bites on it.

I found a big plastic box to put her in and wrapped her in her blanket after picking her up with a shovel (ick). Poor thing.

Millie woke me up three more times last night with barking in the window so I think that big dog kind of shook her up too and she kept hearing noises thinking that the dog had come back.

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