Wednesday, April 8, 2015

In and Out

The doggy door. It's not actually finished, Keith still needs to put some weather stripping between the door and the slider and also put in a new latch so we can lock the slider. It's really nice not to have to get up and open the door multiple times a day for cats or dog to go in and out. Harri finally figured out how to go out it yesterday but hasn't quite got the hang of coming back in. It's got magnets on the bottom of the flap to keep it closed and I think the clinking of the magnets throws them off. They are used to a solid door like the one that goes into the garage rather than a flexible door.

The people door to the outside is smaller now so we'd better not get any fatter or we won't be able to go outside!

It finally rained yesterday afternoon but not enough to make much of a difference here, I can tell how much rain we are getting by whether or not it gets wet on the front patio under the tree and it did not get wet under there so not much rain. That's probably it for this year, too.

We are not going to water our grass at all this summer but will keep the flower beds we worked so hard on watered. Most of the plants are drought resistant, so they don't need constant watering. I took some of them out yesterday, the white daisy plants were starting to die off and also had taken over the flower bed, crowding the rest of them out. I still can't believe how huge they got, they started out as those little six pack flowers.


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lynney62 said...

Your new doggie door looks perfect and it looks like Millie loves it! She sure is a cutie!