Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Buddy The Bird Killer

Maybe putting in that doggy door wasn't such a great idea. Buddy brought his second kill into the house this morning, freaking me and everyone else out a bit. I heard commotion out by the bird feeder which is actually a bird bath up on some cement paving stones that was supposed to be high enough to keep the cats from catching the birds. After hearing the commotion here comes Buddy with a bird in his mouth down the hallway into the bedroom. I chased him out into the living room, bird still in his mouth but instead of him going out the now open back door, he went through the doggy/cat door into the garage. I shut that door and opened up the big garage door hoping the bird could get away and fly out.

Nope, after a while Buddy was trying to come back in the house, looking at me from the small hole in the wooden slide thing that we put down in front of the doggy/cat door, hey let me in! I went out the front door and into the garage and picked him up to come back in the house which he was not very happy about. I found the now dead bird laying inside the garage right by the doggy/cat door, so I'm sure if I'd opened that doggy/cat door, dead bird would have come with Buddy into the house.

I've vacuumed up the bird feathers and have moved the bird feeder to the front yard so that Buddy will be thwarted in his future efforts to catch birds. Hopefully the birds will figure it out and come around front.

We are supposed to get some much needed rain today but so far there are just blue skies and rather chilly wind. We got a little spoiled with such summery weather the past few weeks that it seems strange to want to put on a sweater again.

Joe had to go back out onto the road yesterday since someone with more seniority bumped him off of his yard job. He has to do a couple of familiarization rides with another engineer in the cab since he's been off for over 6 months. As it happened, Keith got his call to go out last evening, called Joe to ask him a question and then they realized that they were both on the same train! They had a good ride and are now in Barstow and will come back tonight.

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