Friday, April 3, 2015

Dumb Cat and Barking Dog

Sounds kind of like yoga poses, right?

My cats are not the sharpest crayons in the box, but after all they are cats with tiny brains, so you can't expect too much. The other night I had let everyone out the back door to wander about like they always do. I got them all rounded up and into the house, all except for Buddy who sometimes likes to stay out a bit longer. I started to wonder where he was and went out to call him, Millie following along and barking because that's what she does at night, bark bark bark because she can't see what is out there and it's all a little scary. I called Buddy and heard a few answering meows, which was strange in itself because he is not a meow for no reason kind of cat. The meows sounded far away and I started to worry that he'd been brave enough to climb a fence and gotten into someone else's yard or was hurt or stuck somewhere.

I got the flashlight and looked all around the yard, still hearing his meow but not seeing him. Then I looked up and there he was on top of the wood patio structure, the structure that Keith had just put the sunshade back on, leaving the ladder where it stood. Keith is not good about putting things away and I have visions of what this house and yard would look like if I weren't here to constantly put things away for him.

Buddy had gotten up there, by the ladder I presuming and couldn't figure out how to get back down, again, not being the sharpest crayon in the box.

For about 30 minutes I was out in the back yard in my nightgown and pink crocs, moving the ladder around trying to get him to come back down on it, putting treats on the top step of the ladder, all to no avail. I finally climbed all the way up the ladder and grabbed him to carry him back down. It was a little precarious and I'm really glad I didn't fall off the ladder, holding onto a big wriggling cat coming back down that thing.

He was not appreciative of my efforts, all cranky and snarling at the other cats when I put him back in the house. He may look like a big tough tabby, but is really a big scaredy pussycat.

I did take the ladder down so this ordeal would not be repeated.

Millie barked the entire time I was trying to rescue the cat.

I did think about calling the fire department but didn't think they would appreciate that too much.

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