Sunday, March 15, 2015

Some Flowers and Cats and Stuff

I'm actually cooking today. What the heck is up with that? I cooked once last week too, I made meatloaf for Keith and it came out really good or so he said. I don't much care for meatloaf but I choked some down and it wasn't too bad. For meatloaf anyway. Keith likes meatloaf to where he will actually order it when he is out to eat. Unthinkable as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, today I'm trying a recipe for creamy corn soup with crisp bacon. The recipe is easy enough, just saute some onion in butter, then corn, carrots and celery gets sauteed in the onion butter for about 10 minutes, then add some milk and chicken broth and cook for a while, then you are supposed to use an immersion blender to blend it all up. Which I don't have but you can use a regular blender, too. You just have to blend it up a little at a time, finding something to put the blended soup in while you are blending the rest of it. Or whatever, we will see how it tastes. The crispy bacon part is a garnish on top and I've even already cooked the bacon, something I really hate doing because you have to cook it long and slow to crisp it up and I'm more of a hurry up and get crispy already sort of person. Not much patience in the kitchen.

Today I've also cleaned cat boxes, vacuumed the house, grocery shopped, and shopped for new dishes. I did get some new dishes but more on that later because it is kind of a long story. I also shopped for new clothes this week, also a long (and sweaty) story.

It is hot here this weekend, yesterday we broke an almost 100 year old record, getting up to 93. Geez. It really didn't seem that hot to me because I had all the ceiling fans in the house going and our dark screens help keep things cool.

So, flowers. Our flower beds have been going crazy so far this spring with absolutely no effort on our part, I haven't even watered them yet, the few rains we had being enough for now. All of the flowers that we planted last spring have come back bigger and better and it's really colorful outside. The lavender that I planted in the back yard that almost died over the winter is in full bloom and the bees love it.

This is the backyard flower bed and I can't remember what the yellow flower vine is, kind of like a small rose, but boy, is it pretty this year! Last year it didn't bloom all that much and they didn't last long, but this year every branch is covered in little flowers.

The front yard flower beds are also looking quite good this year.

We got the cats some new cat stands, the cheap one we got at Walmart being almost unusable for them and looking really shabby. Whoever designed it didn't try it out on cats, they had a hard time getting from one level to the next and the covering on the scratching posts only lasted a few minutes it seemed like. We got shorter easier to move around ones this time and everybody seems to really enjoy them, even the dog was sniffing around.

The one that Bear is on seems to be the most popular, perhaps because it is right by the sliding door and gets lots of sunshine. It has another flat platform a little lower and usually somebody else is laying on that one. The oval shape is perfect for our big fat cats.

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