Friday, March 20, 2015

Nothing Much

So, I made that corn soup and it was okay, nothing special though. It didn't really need the bacon on top and the texture was odd since the outer skins of the corn kernels stay kind of together after you blend the soup. Keith did not like it at all.

I also made some enchiladas that were not good, I baked them a bit too long. sigh...

I'm just not that good in the kitchen, I think mostly because I just do not like to cook. I have been cooking dog food though and I guess it tastes good to the dog because she laps it right up! I use either chopped up chicken or ground beef or turkey and brown it with some shredded carrot and then add some cooked rice after everything is done. I tried some chopped up broccoli (gag) and she seemed to like that and the last batch I made had shredded carrot and zucchini in it. She doesn't like the canned dog food much and doesn't seem to like dry food all that much either, except for the cat dry food which she shouldn't eat because there is too much protein in it for a dog. I don't mind cooking her dog food because I can do a batch big enough for a couple of days instead of having to cook 2 or 3 times a day like you do when feeding humans.

We did go out to eat last night, over to the Roadhouse Grill which used to be one of our most favorite places to go. They have wonderful hot rolls they give you with honey butter and their baked sweet potatoes are delicious but the rest if the food started kind of lacking in quality so we stopped going as often. Keith had a craving for it last night, though, so over we went where we had to wait a while for a table and then sit next to a table covered in dirty dishes which sat there and sat there and sat there until finally I asked the guy that was coming to wipe off other tables to seat people if they couldn't clean it up. They were apparently quite short staffed or just didn't care. The one waitress serving our area was gone most of the time, no coming around to check on drinks or how things are. Keith's pork chop dinner was good but my salad wasn't, I could have just bought a bag of salad at the grocery store and put a few pieces of grilled chicken on it myself. If we ever go there again (doubtful) I won't be getting a salad.

Other than last night he hasn't been home much this week, only getting the minimum time off between trips in and out, but next week he will be on vacation. I have gently (well maybe not so gently) suggested that he try not to spend his vacation in front of the TV and he says he has things he wants to get done, so we will see how it goes. I'm sure I will be very ready to have him go back to work by the time the week is over with. He bought a bunch of flowers to finish off the front flower bed and a bunch of other yard stuff that hasn't been touched yet so hopefully he will do some of that along with the shed and garage clean out that he wants to get done. I don't think we are actually going to go anywhere other than getting our taxes done, but maybe one afternoon we will take a drive or something. We can't just pick up and take off for an entire day anymore, that little dog really can't be left alone that long. Kind of like a small child. By the looks of the toys in the living room you would think we had a small child living here.

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