Thursday, March 26, 2015

Vacation Week and Doggy Bath

Keith is on vacation this week, the way they do it with the railroad is that they have to sign up at the end of the year for the next year's vacation spots. He used to take vacations in the summer but I convinced him to do it this year in the spring and fall so that the weather is nice and it's not too hot to go anywhere. Not that we've been anywhere yet.

So far, we went to see American Sniper one afternoon, which was very good except for the fake baby scenes. We've been out to eat a couple of times since I don't cook on vacation if I don't have to. Keith has had a few naps, nothing unusual about that, and I got him to mow the yard and spread some dandelion killer stuff in the grass. We went for a drive, thinking we would take the dog to this lake that is outside of town in the dry dirt area near the oilfields, a lake that we have never been to, not being much in the way of lake people with no fishing poles or boats. Well, that didn't go so well and we never did make it to the lake.

We drove some of the roads outside of town, driving through the metropolis of Tupman which I think is near Taft, a tiny town of a few hundred people living in what passes for houses in that kind of town. Think shacks. I had Millie on my lap on a pillow and as we are driving along outside of that town, my lap started to feel very warm and I realized that Millie couldn't hold it any longer and had peed right through the pillow onto my lap. We stopped by the side of the road where Keith took her for a little walk while I unsuccessfully tried to dry things off with paper towels. We got back in the car, Millie sitting on my now wet lap and instead of going to the lake headed for home since my pants were all wet with doggy pee. Lovely.

As we were almost home, she started throwing up, fortunately just foamy bile, but a lot of it, all over the side of the car door and on the floor and yes, on my pants.

I don't think that dog likes riding in the car all that much, the last time she went very far she threw up, so I should have known better. They do make doggy motion sickness meds, so before we take another car ride we will stock up on those.

Tomorrow we are going to take a drive into the desert, Keith says the wildflowers are blooming like crazy right now so I'd like to see that before they all die. We won't be taking the dog with us. We did figure out that we can leave her at home with the back door open enough for her to get in and out of and that seems to work okay for now. We just lock the side gate and if anyone is bold enough to try and climb over the fence to get into our house, have at it! Keith is over at Home Depot looking for a doggy door thing that they make for sliding glass doors so that we won't have to leave the door open in the future. It's going to be fly season here real soon and we really don't want the house to fill up with flies.

Keith gave Millie a bath yesterday morning, she hadn't had one since the flea bath we gave her when we first brought her home. She wasn't too thrilled about it but her fur looks a lot fluffier and cleaner and she sure smells better!

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