Monday, February 9, 2015

Spring Seems To Be Here Already

Sorry, all you people that are dealing with bad snowstorms and such. Here in central California it seems that spring is already here. We did have a little rain on Saturday but it was actually kind of hot yesterday, warm enough to where I might be putting away what little I have in the way of winter clothes and maybe buying something new with short sleeves. I have a few tops from last summer still but after wearing them over and over and over again I do think they are a little tired and perhaps a little dingy looking.

It was a beautiful day yesterday, but Keith spent it sitting on the couch watching PBS all day. He did take Millie for a walk in the morning and then after his marathon of watching shows on Nazi weapons all afternoon we took her for another short walk. I thought it might be a change of pace to put her in the car and drive over to Coffee Road where there is a nice meandering sidewalk with lots of grass and trees. It was a little overwhelming for Millie, though, way too many smells to smell and lots of squirrel holes to stick her nose in. She was in doggy heaven and tugged and tugged at that leash so she could go faster and sniff more things.

I may need a lot of coffee today, Keith woke me up at 4:30 to see if I wanted to take him to work so I could have the car today. At first I said no and then yes because I do have a few things I'd like the car for, so off we went to get him to work at 5. He is being driven in a van to Barstow to either pick up a train there or sit in the motel until they have a train for him. I'm guessing there are no rested crews in Barstow this morning.

I actually did some cooking yesterday, a waste of time really since Keith wasn't hungry for any of what I made and I didn't really like what I made. I had this recipe for sweet and sour meatballs that I had tried once before and thought tasted okay, but after yesterday's cooking decided I really don't like the recipe much after all. Millie sat hoping for a handout, but since there were onions in the meatballs, I didn't think I should give her any.
Please please please give me a meatball?


Linda said...

According to the USGS (I know, weird place to find this out!), a group of cats is called a "pounce" or a "clowder". Clowder comes from a Middle English word meaning to gather or clot, so that makes just as much sense as pounce does.
A group of kittens is a litter, a "kindle" or an "intrigue".
Just for fun, a bunch of crows is called a "murder" We have a murder here in the neighborhood. They walk around in front of the houses on our street and Colleen watches them from the bedroom window.

Jennifer said...

I have a recipe for really good sweatband sour meatballs. Jeremy even likes them. I will find it and send it to you.