Saturday, February 7, 2015

So What Do You Call a Bunch of Cats?

I know it's a herd of deer or cattle, a gaggle of geese, a murder of crows, a flock of birds, a pride of lions, but what do you call a gathering of cats? They don't normally travel in packs, so maybe there is no name for a bunch of cats hanging around together. A pitter patter of cats? A nuisance of cats? A gang  of cats? A felicity of felines?

This is definitely a gang going on across the street, ready to rumble and up to no good. The cat I so unaffectionately call the black and white bastard appears to be the ringleader. Lately I've seen these cats running in a pack around the neighborhood and spending lots of time in the yard across the street, the owner rarely being at home because of his work. I don't know where all these cats are coming from, but our one neighbor has been trapping and spaying or neutering them and then returning them to the neighborhood. At least some of them anyway, the kittens born in her back yard. I'm thinking a couple of these cats are from those litters.
It's a little hard to tell, but there is the one white cat, the black and white cat and a black cat all nonchalantly sitting there.

This morning I took Millie for her first walk since her spay and in front of the neutering lady's house there were 5 or 6 cats under a truck and of course Millie wanted to get at those cats! Then on our way back the truck they were under was gone and they were now under another truck. And Millie still wanted to get at them.

Our evenings have been interrupted by the sound of yowling and fighting cats and let's not even talk about the stench of cat urine by our front walkway where they like to spray.

We've always had a problem with strays in this neighborhood but at least they are cats and not dogs like some neighborhoods in this town where packs of dogs run loose all day.


Millie enjoyed her walk this morning, I didn't take her far since she is just done recuperating from her operation. Yesterday I took her in the car to drop a package at Office Depot and get her a new bigger harness at Petco. She couldn't quite figure out why we weren't going for a walk since her leash was on but she did pretty well except that she pooped in the aisle at Petco. I did clean it up and we did get her a bigger harness and yet another new toy.

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