Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hunks of Meat and Flowers Blooming

The other day Keith got home from work early in the morning and decided to go do some shopping, then decided he wanted to invite Joe and Elizabeth over for some barbecue dinner. He spent a bunch of money on pork tri-tips and whole chickens then had to do more shopping to get the things you stick the chicken on to roast them in the barbecue, then spent the afternoon in the back yard drinking beer and cooking meat. He thought everything was cooked, the outsides of the chickens and pork tri-tips (which I didn't even know there was such a cut of pork) were crispy and delicious looking but when he started cutting into it all, blood blood and more blood. Gag.

So, as the kids got here for dinner, the chicken and pork got cut up and put in the oven to finish cooking.

When we finally sat down to eat, Keith gave Millie some big chunks of pork, which she grabbed up in her little mouth and then took to the flower bed to bury. I checked Keith's work lineup after we finished eating and it looked like he'd be going out in the middle of the night, so he went to bed early and the kids went on home. Then later as I was watching TV Millie wanted to go outside and I let her, thinking she needed to do her business.

Her business was digging up the previously buried pork meat rather than taking a tinkle, which I found out when she came to the door to be let back in and she had a big chunk of it in her mouth. Before I could grab her to get it out of her mouth, she was running down the hall with it, presumably to re-bury it in some bed pillows or a laundry basket. I did catch up with her and took the meat away, much to her dismay.

Then later we repeated the whole digging up the meat thing with the second piece being brought into the house, but this time I caught her at the door.

She wasn't real happy with me taking the meat away so I made her a plate of some of the chicken and some cottage cheese which seemed to appease her.

She has gone back to one of the burying spots a few times, looking for more treasure.

As we were sitting in the backyard waiting for food to cook, I noticed that our non-flowering plum tree is flowering. Yeah, that doesn't make sense, it flowers but no fruit so I guess that's the non-flowering part. Just a few blooms so far, but give it a few days and it will be covered in flowers.
We've been letting the cats go out and enjoy the weather quite a bit these past few weeks, Buddy has really been enjoying it to the point where he was outside almost all day yesterday and well into the evening. He was laying in wait under the bird feeder hoping for a fat juicy bird which I'm sure he wouldn't know what to do with if he caught one, other than play with it.

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Linda said...

Maybe the secret to stopping Millie from running off and burying her meat bits is to give her a little penny-sized piece at a time, then have another one in hand where she can see it - so she might be less inclined to try to bury the first piece with another in the offing.
Admittedly, Cujo often does a similar thing, but he takes his larger treats (Milkbones, for instance) to his bed most of the time, where he hoards them - but if I give him little bits, he'll usually stick around to see if there is more coming.