Friday, February 6, 2015

Napping And Nothing Much Else

I took Millie's doughnut collar off this morning after checking her spay incision to make sure it's healed up enough to withstand a dog's tongue licking away at it. Yes, it is, and yes, she is relieved to have that thing off of her neck. We'll get back to our daily walks in another few days, I'm sure she will be more than ready for that. It's supposed to rain over the weekend so as soon as that stops long enough, out we go!

When Keith gets home she is so excited to see him, jumping and wriggling around, and her next favorite thing to do is take a nap with him.
It's been fairly quiet around here this week, really nothing much going on. The weather has been really nice, warm enough to have the windows open and I noticed that the asian pear trees on the main street outside our neighborhood are already starting to bloom. Seems weird when they do that every February as we are seeing reports of devastating snow storms elsewhere in the country and here we are with trees blooming already. Our little oak tree is starting to bud, so leaves on that pretty soon.

Last night Keith almost set the kitchen on fire, something I've done a time or two when I've gotten distracted and forgot that the stove was on. He was cooking some kielbasa to add to some dirty rice mix to take on the road with him and went into the bedroom to do something on the computer. Next thing I know I'm smelling burning food in the pan that he left on very high heat and the kitchen is filling up with smoke. Which of course made the smoke alarm go off, a new smoke alarm that fortunately is not as ear piercing as the old ones we had but still plenty loud. The pan may be ruined, I left it filled with soapy water overnight and haven't felt like seeing if it's salvageable yet. It's an old pan, so replacing it wouldn't bother me too much. The house did stink the rest of the night despite the two Febreeze candles I had going. When I went to bed hours later I could still smell it in the bedroom.

I hope he enjoys his kielbasa and dirty rice because he won't be able to eat rice anymore. His lab work came back and he is definitely in the diabetic range right along with me and rice is a big no-no. So is pasta, bread, and potatoes. And anything else that is fun to eat, like doughnuts. Even bananas have too much sugar. We did have a healthy dinner last night, grilled pork chops, sauteed zucchini and salad. All eaten in a house that smelled like burned food.

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