Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dog Spay and Yard Clean Up

Yesterday I mowed and weed whacked the front yard while Keith napped and then finally came out to help spray weed killer around the front patio where weeds had come up between the bricks. We have had such a small amount of rain so far this winter but that little bit of rain sure got those weeds growing. We won't even talk about the back yard except to say that the mixture of weeds and grass is about 2 feet high in some places. The dog and the cats kind of like it though, they like to eat the grass and also hide in it. Keith was supposed to clean all that up. Someday maybe he will get to it.

Anyway, he forgot to shut the gate after he put the weed killer away and when Millie went out late in the afternoon to take care of business she of course discovered the open gate. I was sitting in the back yard and heard her barking but the barking sounded like it was coming from further away than usual, so inside I went to look out front since I didn't have my shoes on and didn't want to walk through all the sort of muddy dirt in the side yard to check on things.

Sure enough, there she is in the front yard barking away. Freedom! I grabbed my shoes and some doggy treats for luring purposes and by the time I got out the front door she was across the street at our neighbor Colby's front door. He has a little blind weenie dog (can't remember how to spell dachsund) that Millie probably heard barking when his doggy care lady came to feed him. Colby works a job that has him on the road much of the time so he has a pet sitting service that comes twice a day to check on the dog. The stray cats also love his front door and sit there quite frequently and also pee there quite frequently. His front door probably smells even worse than ours from the stray cats spraying the doors. He has a little stone dog statue by his door and when I got across the street Millie had discovered it and was growling at it. Thinking it was a real dog I'm assuming. I got her picked up and back across the street. Bad Girl!

She had her spay done last week and has been much quieter than usual while she heals. I've been kind of surprised at how quiet she has been, I thought it might be an issue trying to keep her calm, remembering kitten spay and neuters where they acted just like they did before, especially Buddy who had his cone of shame off within a few hours and was ready to play at like 3 am. We did take her inflatable collar off for a bit the other day but that was a mistake because lick, lick, lick, and her incision was all irritated looking. I've been cleaning it twice a day with peroxide and putting neosporin on it like the doctor said and after we put her collar back on it's looking pretty good. She actually grabbed her Lamb Chop toy this morning, but other than that has not even played with any toys. Lots of sleeping and just resting going on.

If you ever have a dog or cat that has surgery, by all means get the inflatable collar, so much more comfortable for them that those horrible plastic things.

Last night I was cleaning the cat box and Mimi decided my bent over body looked like a good thing to climb on.
It's a little difficult to walk around with a cat on your neck.

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